This Week...

...Grace had a blast playing outside with her besties from across the street. She has so much fun with the boys and has started to waive at their house every time we walk outside.

Noah shared his brownie with her:

Easton took her on a wagon ride:

...daddy let Grace eat A TON of watermelon:

...he also gave Grace her first tattoo:

(notice the little cupcake on her chest)

...we played at the water park with Noah and Easton:

...we went to Isaac's brother Elijah's first football game of the season where he got to walk out as a captain (#25):

...we played some Risk with Kasie:

...we made Grace try on Halloween costumes. Isaac absolutely loves Halloween, so as soon as the stores open each season, that's where you can find us. Grace tried on three costumes, and I think we're going with Minnie Mouse:

...Grace got her very first haircut. We had to give her a lollipop to distract her:

...Daddy and Grace shared some grapes:

...we played in the water park at Town Square:

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