Nose Wrinkles

It's pretty hard for me to believe that my lil pumpkin butt, sugar lips, sweat pea, monkey girl is already fifteen months old.

That's one and a quarter!!

She's got her own little personality now, and it's beautiful.

Some of her favorite things to do are play outside with her friends, take baths (still), sleep in between Mommy and Daddy and kick them all night long, and run around like a crazy person in her diaper.

She loves macaroni more than anything else, but will also eat almost anything you give her...except meat.

She's a full on, self-proclaimed vegetarian.

This girl feels the texture of meat in her mouth and it goes flying across the room before she could possibly have gotten even a tiny taste of it.

We're working on it.

We've completely weaned from nursing now and she eats only big kid food.

I haven't been able to get her to drink milk yet...that's something else we're working on.

This month her favorite movie is Megamind. I've seen it seven hundred quite a few times.

Next month we'll get to take a trip to Dr. Vu's office to get some better stats.

I say this every time, but it never gets old. I love this little girl more than anything else in the whole universe. I'd do anything and everything to see her little smile with her nose wrinkled up in happiness.

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