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Last Week...

...we stopped by Starbucks on Monday morning, and they gave the girls free hot chocolates. They were so excited, because I usually only let them get it on weekends. ...I had my twenty-five week check-up with Dr. Tyre after work on Monday. Everything was going well until she used the fetal doppler to listen to the baby's heartbeat. If you've never heard a fetal heartbeat before, it's way faster than yours. The baby's sounded normal, slowed down for about three beats, and then went back to normal again. It sounded kind of like this, "swish-a, swish-a, swish-a, swiiiissshhh-a, swiiiissshhh-a, swiiiissshhh-a, swish-a, swish-a, swish-a".  Dr. Tyre got a worried look on her face and asked if I had heard it, too. I said I did, and she explained that it could be a heart deceleration and that she was going to call my high risk doctor to see what they thought. I had just been to the high risk doctor two weeks prior to check out the ins and outs of the heart, an