Last Week...

...we went to dinner at Montesano's where the girls got down on some spaghetti.

...Grace helped me make Mex Tex Dip for our little New Year's Eve shindig, and we couldn't wait to dig in.

...the girls wore their cutest outfits and partied the night away on New Year's Eve.

...the played with Amelia and Chase, and as per usual, Charley could not get enough of Amelia.

...once she discovered that Amelia liked her light-up pillow, she used anything she could to prop it up in front of her to look at. It was too funny! She loves her little baby bestie.

...Isaac went to the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona on New Year's Day, so he FaceTime'd the girls when he got there to say "good morning".

...we watched the Rose Parade, and the girls demanded that I take pictures of the fire breathing dragon and the firetruck with the puppies and kitties around it. Meanwhile, Charley tried turning Toodles into a rose parade float.

...I went upstairs and noticed this picture in the girls' kitchen. I asked Grace about it, and she said she put it there "so I won't miss Daddy so much today". She's the sweetest!

...we snuggled on the couch for a while watching the football game.

...the girls played with their Brookstone sand, and it is SO cool. I loved watching it "pour" through my hands and seeing them so excited about what they were building. Bonus - it's totally easy to clean up! Thanks, Auntie Allison and Uncle Alex.

(The Espejo Family)

...the girls (and Auntie) took a three hour nap, while I watched more football.

...that night, I took a picture of the girls in their bunk beds. Gracie was happy, but Charley gave me the saddest face and said, "can't I just go to sleep, mom?".

...I spent the day Sunday cleaning and organizing their bedroom and playroom...again. We got another few bags of toys to donate, and I finally found a place for EVERYTHING! Here's hoping it lasts longer than a day or two.

...Daddy took down all of the Christmas lights, while the kids played with their sand outside with the Sebastians. They also rode bikes and played for hours.

...when they finally came in, the girls both took baths and watched their iPads before bed.

I cannot believe we are in 2016 already!! We have so much to be excited about this year. See you next week :)

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