Last Week...

...I found some old pictures while organizing our office upstairs, and I think it's so weird how much Gracie looks like me and Charley looks like her daddy. Monday ended with this little nugget. I do anything and everything I can for my kids, and I really hope that they know when they are older that I gave them all I had. Isaac and I always talk about things we do and how we want our kids to remember us as parents. I thought this was a good reminder that some days just don't go as planned, and it's OK to be tired or get frustrated with them. Our kids will remember the good days, since there are far more of them than bad ones.

...Char did great at gymnastics and wasn't shy at all this time around. It seems that going week after week actually does some good. So far, we've been able to keep up on it, and you can see her confidence growing each week.

...she wore her cutest overalls to school on Thursday, and the pigtails just made them that much cuter.

...we met at Pizza Rock on Fremont for dinner to say good-bye to our Nebraska family. The girls had so much fun playing with everyone and dancing their tushes off. Grace has some serious moves and was cracking us all up.

...they continued their crazy dance party out front after we ate.

...Grace passed her sight word list at school, so we stopped for Slurpees when I picked her up. She also wanted to go to the park, so we hung out there for a while.

...the girls brushed their own hair after their morning baths on Saturday, and Char turned to me and asked, "is it parted?".

...these girls are the sweetest (most of the time) and snuggled up together to watch a movie, while we waited for Daddy to get home from work.

...we played in the backyard, and the girls picked roses off the rose bush that is blooming in the middle of January. Grace wanted to put hers in water, but Charley insisted on wearing hers in her hair.

...Char snuggled up and took a nap on the couch with my mom's old quilt. It seems to be everyone's favorite blanket around here.

(She can't be serious with those cheeks and lips. I've always said that she's the cutest sleeper to ever sleep!)

...Poppa Allen and Gran brought the girls some crowns to color, and Grace made one with "boy colors" for Daddy to wear.

...Shelly sent me this, and I thought it was just perfect. Definitely my motto.

...we went to the Rebel game with the Sebastians that night. It was awesome to see UNLV score 100 points, and we were able to watch the Cardinals beat the Packers in OT on the screens in our suite. The kids had so much fun playing together and cheering on the Rebs. Charley would randomly yell out "Boomer Sooner". We've been watching a lot of the #1 team in the country playing on TV lately :)

...Sunday morning, we went to the Coffee Cup for breakfast, and as usual, it did not disappoint.

...back at home, the girls used their "Just Like Mommy" pretend make-up sets to do Daddy's make-up.

...finally, he said, "ok...that's enough", and it turned into Wrestle Mania instead.

...the girls went to spend the day with Grandma Espejo and Auntie Elisha, and I missed them while they were gone. I did get in a long nap, and we watched some playoff football to pass the time.

...I also saw this on Instagram, and thought it was pretty funny. That's definitely my version of mopping the floors. Luckily, we had Carduccis' come clean the carpets and tile this week, and our house is sparkling clean at the moment.

That's all for now. See ya next week!

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