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My Baby is THREE

My wittle baby Chawley Bug is THREE. It's almost impossible for me to believe. I don't know if it's because she's the teeniest little human child, or if it's just because she's the youngest, but this girl will always be my snuggly, cuddly, sweet, little baby, Just like we did with Grace, we filmed Charley answering twenty questions about her favorite things. I will continue to do this every year on her birthday, to see how she grows and changes throughout her childhood. I can't even imagine the things this feisty little sassy pants will come up with as her personality continues to grow. It doesn't seem like we've been melting in her giggles for three whole years, and at the same time, it's difficult to remember what our family was like before she joined it. That feels like another lifetime. She is so funny, loves to make people laugh, and has the silliest personality. There is no serious side to this kid, which is uplifting even on

Last Week...

...Gracie did Charley's make-up with their pretend make-up from Little Cosmetics . The girls got this fake-up in their Easter baskets that totally looks real. They love to play with it. Char was cracking me up as she'd try to watch the eye shadow brush with the eye that wasn't being worked on. ...Tuesday we played outside, and the girls rode their bikes. Charley is really getting the hang of it and can now pedal down the entire street without help. ...Wednesday, we went to Lucille's for an early dinner, and Charley got down on some corn on the cob. After we ate, the girls played in the splash pad and had a blast, while Isaac and I enjoyed a gorgeous evening outside. ...Thursday was "Bring Your Child to Work Day". Of course I had to bring the girls to show them what Mommy does all day while they are at school. They were so excited and picked out fancy outfits to wear. We had so much fun having them in the off