So Many Easter Eggs

Isaac and I have been talking about getting the girls bikes for a couple of months now. We figured we'd wait until Easter, so they'd have them for the beautiful spring weather that's on its way. After the girls (and Isaac) went to bed, the Easter Bunny filled eggs and baskets and set up the front table to surprise them on Easter morning.

When they woke up, the girls ran downstairs to see what the bunny had brought them. Charley went crazy over her Toy Story Tsum Tsums, and Gracie loved her Frozen ones. They searched through their baskets and got all excited about the seeds and gardening tools that they could use to grow some plants in the back yard this summer. After a quick test drive of her bike, Gracie ran to the back window to see if the Easter Bunny had hidden any eggs. Unfortunately, there weren't any out there.

We decided to take baths and get ready for our busy day. The girls wanted to ride their bikes around out front before we headed to Grammy's house. When we walked outside, there were so many Easter eggs. Char went running for them, while Gracie got their baskets. They had so much fun searching the yard to find them all.

I was a little surprised that Charley was so into finding them. Last year, she'd find one and want to open it to get the goodies out. This year, she was a total pro. After all the eggs had been found, the girls excitedly opened them up to find money for their piggy banks and lots of candy.

We put the baskets inside to keep them safe and headed out front to ride their new bikes. Grace took off, while Charley needed help learning how to pedal. She kept pushing backwards, which is how you brake. We'll have to work on that some more. Gracie wanted her training wheels off within minutes. Daddy took them off, and then she decided that she should keep them on for another week or so to get used to the bike. So silly!

After riding around for a while, we went inside to get ready. I found the cutest earrings the day before at Francesca's and had to get them for Easter. We took some family pictures, which are always difficult. I must say, it is getting easier as the girls get bigger. They actually smile easily now, but there are still the funny outtakes.

When we got to Grammy's, the girls opened their Easter baskets from her and Papa. They got cute new outfits and all kinds of other stuff, but Grace just said, "thanks for the cute puppy, Grammy!". This girl has always been obsessed with stuffed animals.

Grammy had the kitchen set up so beautifully for our Easter lunch. Isaac and I made some Easter deviled eggs to bring over, too. 

Auntie Geni arrived with Uncle Chad and Chase. Of course they brought more Easter baskets, and Charley was super stoked about her new Toy Story bubbles.

(Thanks, Auntie!)

Since the kids were already scoping out the eggs out back, we decided to have the Easter egg hunt before we ate. They were all so cute running around searching for eggs. Again, Char was the pro that got the most.

On the way out of their playhouse, Gracie tripped on the pavers, Charley then tripped over Grace, and there were eggs everywhere. It was too funny.

After we had our delicious lunch, the kids enjoyed Grammy's Oreo chic pops.

We hung out in the back yard enjoying the beautiful weather. It got super windy, which was perfect, because Grammy got kites for everyone. We had a blast flying them, because the wind made it really easy...until it took one and threw it in the neighbor's tree.

Once our kite was done, the girls wanted to swim. I have no idea why, because the water was freezing, but they obviously had fun.

As the afternoon wore on, it was time for us to go. Gracie made sure to take some pictures before we left.

Grandma Sunshine's was up next, and the girls' were egg-stra egg-cited (see what I did there?), because Presley was coming and they were all going to have a sleep over. Charley insisted on peeling the hard boiled eggs, but didn't want to eat them. She's very particular about things, and just wanted the shells off of them.

Soon, it was time for the final Easter egg hunt. Grandma always hides one golden egg with big money inside. The kiddos looked everywhere and found all the eggs quickly. Gracie got the golden egg with ten dollars inside! 

As we left the babies for the night, I got some cute pictures of the girls all together in their sweet Easter outfits.

We had such a great holiday with our families. I love these kids so much and am so thankful that we have Presley and Chase to play with and love.

Hoppy Easter!! I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did <3

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