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Last Week...

...we celebrated Christmas with all of our families and had the best year yet. ...the girls had so much fun playing with all of their Christmas gifts. They're such little princesses. They did Barbie's hair, painted her nails, and played with their new princess castle and horse stable from Grandma Espejo. (Thanks, Uncle Zac, Stef, and Presley!) ...we went Christmas light seeing one more time before the season ended. I already can't wait to put our lights up next year. There is just so much excitement when you come home at night to your house (and entire street) all decorated with bright lights. (Daddy's favorite...the Ninja Turtles) ...the girls hung out by the standing heater after bath time. ...we celebrated Kasie's birthday with a mini-party at our house on Friday instead of our usual Friday night dinner. Charley really enjoyed the pizza. This is her new "cheese" face. Cutie pants.