Gruber Christmas Photos

My sister Andrea came in town for the Thanksgiving holiday. I was super bummed, because we were going to be in Nebraska. Luckily, she stayed through Monday, and we came home Friday, so we got to spend a couple of days with her.
Back in Ohio (where she currently lives), she is a great photographer. She takes all kinds of pictures from families to weddings. She worked up a little photography session with our family while she was here, so we could have some sweet holiday photos with her. "The Gruber Christmas Photos" actually consisted of more Espejos and Randalls than actual Grubers, but that's what happens when you have four girls!
We ended up doing the photos right at the girls' nap time, so they weren't the most cooperative kids in the world, but Andrea was still able to get some great shots.
(Charley obviously hates Santa.)


(The girls commiserated about another photo shoot...and made their plan of attack.)

My sister, Geni, and her family.

The Gruber grandkids - although none of their last names are actually Gruber.

Auntie Andrea <3

The cutest kids in the world.

Missing Allison. Can't wait to see you at Christmas...when we'll be missing Andrea.

The parentals.

It just happened to be my mom's birthday, so we all headed out to lunch at Lucille's after our photos were done. The ribs, mac and cheese, and biscuits made the girls happy again.
Thank you, Andrea, for taking these adorable photos for us, and especially for coming out to see us. We love you!!

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