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Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Sisters at The Wetlands Grammy picked Grace and Charley up from school on Monday, so Perry had the house to herself. She watched Care Bears and snacked on Fruit Rolls and Doritos. The girls had fun at Grammy's and built a Halloween House. Isaac was working late, and it was just Perry and me for dinner. We had a pulled pork and kale salad with corn. She loved it and kept asking for more. When the girls got home, we did homework. Charley's class has been working on making their own sentences from who, what, and where. I can't believe how good she is getting at sounding out words and writing. She's so smart and impresses me each week. She also drew a picture of herself baking cookies to show how you can be kind to your friends. The Golden Knights played on Tuesday, so Perry wore her super cute dress to school. She also made a Halloween bracelet in class that day and wouldn't let me take it off.