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Her Name is Charley {and she's SIX today!}

My Char Char is six years old today. I can't hardly believe it.
She has grown into such a beautiful soul. This girl loves hard and fights harder. She doesn't give in when she wants something and always stands up for what is right.
Charley loves animals (stuffed or real) and anything and everything to do with soccer.
She's so fun to watch on the field. This girl is a ball hawk and loves to get in there to make sure the ball is always heading towards the right goal.
Chawyee is the silliest kid and loves being goofy. You'll constantly catch her singing along to any song that comes on the radio, and she can't help but dance to the beat.
Char always wants to dress herself, and her style is bar none. Her shirts never match her pants, but it doesn't matter as long as they're cute on their own. She loves the color mint and you can almost always catch her wearing it in some form or another.
At six years old, Char is forty-six pounds and forty-five inches tall. She&…

Last Week:

Picture of the Week: Dyeing Eggs with Poppa and Gran

We spent Monday hanging out in the Orlando airport. It was our longest travel day ever, and everyone was over it by the time we got home.

We spent Tuesday relaxing around the house before it was back to work and school. Perry took pictures on her iPad, did Mommy's make-up, and snacked on animal crackers.

I had a nail appointment, and when I came home, Daddy had the girls racing down the street on their bikes.

When Perry saw that my nails were painted, she wanted hers painted, too.

Gracie brought home some pretty art that she made in art class.

Charley had to read words and draw a picture that went with each word. I especially liked her "bruise" picture.

Perry painted an earthworm, and almost stayed in the lines.

He is Risen {Happy Easter}

The girls were talking about Easter all weekend. They couldn't wait to see where the Easter bunny hid the eggs and kept reminding us about years past: "remember when he hid one on Daddy's tire on his car?" or "remember when we found an egg in the tree and Daddy had to climb it to reach it?". The hunt was much anticipated this year, for sure.
The girls came in to wake us up in the morning and had already taken stuff out of their baskets. I'm glad I thought to take a picture the night before.

They were so excited about their new Native shoes and Easter Squishmallows.

They also got their own letter boards so they can practice their spelling (and leave Mommy's alone).

Perry went straight for the chocolate bunnies.

We all got ready to head to breakfast, because the girls didn't see any eggs out the window. They were pretty bummed that the Easter Bunny didn't hide any this year. As we were leaving, they saw a trail of eggs leading to the back yar…