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Picture of the Week: Pluto!

We spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in Disneyland having the best time.

Wednesday morning started off hanging out in front of the hotel and grabbing coffee from the Panera that's in front of the entrance.

We met Poppa and Gran in the park and got the obligatory photo in front of the Disneyland train station.

I really wanted a picture with Mickey in front of the Christmas tree, because we have one from a few years ago, but he was no where to be found. 

We did get big hugs from Dale, though.

And Pluto, too. He's always a favorite of mine.

We caught Dale again on the other side of Main Street, and the girls wanted another picture. He was so cute with his Christmas hat.

We headed over to Tomorrowland and rode the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.

Then we went to the Royal Hall and got our princess fix with Cinderlla, Snow White, and Ariel. Perry has been pretty obsessed with princesses ever since this moment. 

While Daddy took Grace and Char on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Perry and I went to meet Jack and Sally. She was pretty shy, and they thought she was adorable.

Next up was our third go 'round on the Mad Tea Party. This time, Daddy and Grace spun around like nuts, while Poppa, Gran, Char, and Perry took it easy.

We headed back over to California Adventure so they could ride the Incredicoaster one more time, while there was no wait.

While they were on the ride, Perry, Char, and I watched Mickey sing with the Trolley Boys.

Perry started to get sleepy and had a hard time staying awake.

We hit up the Monster's Inc. ride, and then hung out to wait for Elsa.

This was Perry's favorite part of the day. She's always loved Elsa and Anna, and seeing Elsa was magical.

After lunch, we headed to the car to drive home. We were all so tired after a busy three days running amok in the parks. Perry napped immediately.

Isaac and I had taken the rest of the week off work for a much needed break. It was nice to be able to drop the kids off at school and pick them up together. I think the girls really loved it, too. After dropping them off on Thursday, we took Perry shopping and got our new safe. We've been needing one forever, and it was time to get the guns locked away in a safer place now that the kids are starting to have friends over more often.

That evening, Perry had her Christmas program. Char's was the same night, so we stayed for her class song, Jingle Bells, and then snuck out to head to Char's school. These little ones were a hot mess but still so adorable.

Charley was so excited when she spotted us sitting in the audience. She started off singing so bright and cheery. After the first song, she fell down in true Charley fashion. No one else saw, but she heard us laughing and was upset the rest of the program. She basically disappeared and then her little head popped back up. I felt so bad after the show when she said, "you laughed at me!". We're the worst.

Friday night, I took Grace and Charley to see the Nutcracker with my mom and sisters. This is one of our favorite annual traditions.

Perry wasn't happy when we were leaving, so I had to let her sit on my lap in the car, while we waited for Auntie Allison.

After dinner, we headed to the theater and took a few pictures of the kids all dressed up before the show.

It was an awesome show, but as usual, Char fell asleep. She almost made it to the intermission this time.

Saturday morning, Perry stole my coffee.

Isaac went to the Las Vegas Bowl with Matt and had a fun day watching football.

Meanwhile, I organized the girls bows for the 102,696th time. They wear them every day, and then never put them back. After a month or so, we just have bows everywhere and have to hang them up all over again.

The girls played upstairs and took pictures of each other on their iPads. It's the best when they just randomly pop up in the camera roll on my phone. I'm almost positive that they have no idea they do this.

Toodles napped on my bed.

Perry wore sisters' Santa pajamas, so I had to make a comparison of all three girls in them. Grace and Char both wore them at 18 months, while Perry is two-and-a-half. She's such a little pipsqueak.

She slept hard that night after not taking a nap that day.

Clarabelle came down with a cold after Perry was caught playing with her the day before.

That's all for now! See ya next week!!

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