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Last Week...

...Gracie was getting progress reports sent home showing that she wan't passing off some items that I know she knows. For example, this girl has been able to count to one hundred for a while now. On her progress report, it says that she can count to 19. I asked Grace what happened, and she said she got shy. I explained to her how important it was to show her teacher (and any volunteers) how smart she is. (I actually told her that she would be stuck in Kindergarten forever if she didn't show them what she knew.) That seemed to do the trick, because the next day, she came home with three new stickers of things she passed off. It seems that she is finally settling into Kindergarten and feeling more comfortable there. So proud of this girl! ...the girls kept giggling as I was yelling at them to "go to bedddd!". I went up to see what they were doing, and they were having staring contests. Cutest sisters ever! ...Isaac and I spent Thursday through Sunday c

Mom's Fabulous Fiftieth in Napa

Last weekend, Isaac and I headed to Napa for my mom's fiftieth birthday weekend. We left the girls with Grandma Sunshine, and hopped on a plane early Thursday morning. We landed in Oakland and had a couple of hours before we had to be in Napa. We took our time driving there, and did a little sight seeing, which included the Oracle Arena. After checking in to our hotel and freshening up in our room for a bit, we met everyone down by the hotel bar. Friends and family started rolling in, and we had a beautiful dinner at Ristorante Allegria to welcome everyone to Napa.  The next morning, a shuttle bus picked us all up at the hotel to start our day of wine tours. First up was Robert Mondavi. This was my favorite vineyard of the day, because it was absolutely beautiful and our tour guide was fabulous. (The whole crew!) We saw so many cool things there including this 16th century wine press and the most amazing v