Last Week...

...Gracie was getting progress reports sent home showing that she wan't passing off some items that I know she knows. For example, this girl has been able to count to one hundred for a while now. On her progress report, it says that she can count to 19. I asked Grace what happened, and she said she got shy. I explained to her how important it was to show her teacher (and any volunteers) how smart she is. (I actually told her that she would be stuck in Kindergarten forever if she didn't show them what she knew.) That seemed to do the trick, because the next day, she came home with three new stickers of things she passed off. It seems that she is finally settling into Kindergarten and feeling more comfortable there. So proud of this girl!

...the girls kept giggling as I was yelling at them to "go to bedddd!". I went up to see what they were doing, and they were having staring contests. Cutest sisters ever!

...Isaac and I spent Thursday through Sunday celebrating my mom's fiftieth birthday in Napa and had so much fun.

...while we were there, the girls spent time with Grandma Sunshine and Papa Craig. They had a blast, and Grandma sent me pictures to keep me updated the whole time.

...Gracie got pink eye on Friday. Char napped in the car, while Grandma took her to the doctor to get some eye drops. She did great, but she was upset that they would miss the Haunted Harvest at Springs Preserve the next day.

...luckily, she was feeling better, so they got some costumes and made their way downtown. The girls had so much fun riding the haunted train, trick-or-treating, and going to the petting zoo.

Grandma Sunshine and Papa Craig always spoil these girls. They had such a blast spending the weekend with them. Thank you guys so much! We love you!!

See you next week!

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