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Last Week...

...Perry snacked on Cheerios and bananas after school. ...she was super excited about it and kept spilling them everywhere. ...she had tacos with us for dinner and devoured her taco meat and avocados. She didn't want the waffle wheels, because she hates baby food anymore. ...she grinned in the bath tub. ...I got her the cutest unicorn socks, and they finally came in the mail. I can't wait to get them on her. ...this chunk slept like a rock in bed that night. ...every morning when I drive to work, I am in awe at the snow covered mountains shining in the sunrise. This picture really doesn't do it justice. After all the rain we've had, the city is looking beautiful surrounded by all of the snowy, white mountains. ...Perry's teacher had me give her the OK to start her on regular foods instead of the pureed baby food. Her first breakfast was pineapples, so they sent me some pictures. ...Perry played at school, a