Last Week...

...Perry started day care on Monday. While it was sad for me, she had so much fun playing with other kids and toys instead of staring at me through the side of her pack 'n play all day. Her teachers are the sweetest and even texted me pictures, so I wouldn't miss her too much.

...she loved having a sippy cup and practiced drinking apple juice from it all afternoon.

...Daddy gave her small bites of avocado, and she wasn't too sure about it.

...she played in her bath, while Gracie watched on trying to make her giggle the whole time.

...she slept so hard that night, and I never wanted to put her down.

...after school the next day, the kiddos wrestled with Daddy. Even Perry got in on the action.

...she had bananas with Honey Nut Cheerios on top for dinner and devoured them.

...meanwhile, I roasted some sweet peppers to top our lunch salads with.

...I had to get the big camera out to get some shots of Perry feeding herself. She's doing so much better with food after just a couple of days at school.

...she crawled towards Toodles the second I sat her down on the floor Wednesday morning. She's become so interested in him lately and follows him everywhere.

...she ate avocados for dinner that night and did much better with them this time.

...since she's becoming such a big girl, Daddy treated her to her first Oreo after dinner. Obviously, she loved it.

...we met Grandma Sunshine at Dave and Busters on Friday night to celebrate her birthday. The girls had so much fun playing games, while Perry napped on my chest at the dinner table.

...after we ate, the girls raced on motorcycles, and Perry loved watching them.

...they couldn't reach the pedals on the race car, so Papa Craig had to hold them both down as they drove. Then Grandma helped Char fly an airplane.

...Daddy had to work for a few hours Saturday morning, so the girls sent him some Snapchat videos when they woke up.

...when he got home, we took the girls to Faustos for breakfast. Perry started out chewing on her banana teether, but Daddy gave her a cucumber, and she loved chewing on that.

...after breakfast, we headed to a few model home sites that we are doing at work. We walked through the houses to get ideas for remodeling our own home sometime in the future. It's so fun to imagine living in a totally different house, but in the end, we always come back to just loving ours and our awesome neighborhood.

...on the way home, we made a last second decision to head to the new Sea Quest Aquarium. Grandma Espejo got the girls an annual pass for Christmas, and we couldn't wait to check it out. The girls spent the first hour feeding shrimp and tiny fish to sting rays and little sharks. They had so much fun, and my stupid phone deleted all of the awesome pictures. Luckily, it went dead, so I had to use Daddy's for the rest of the day. We saw some pretty jellyfish and ran into a real life mermaid.

...the girls got to pet a parrot until it tried to take a bite out of Char's arm. Thankfully, he missed her, and we moved on without incident.

...Perry really liked listening to the parrots squawking, though, and tried to mimic them.

...over at the touch tanks, Daddy had to show the girls that it was OK to pick up the starfish before they would touch them. Once Char saw Daddy do it, she was game. Grace had to see Charley hold it first, and then she gave it a try. We also got to hold sea urchins and these weird little guys that crawled around the bottom.

...they also had a cool interactive game on the ground. First, Charley was kicking soccer balls into goals, and then Grace joined in to jump on these mice popping out of their holes.

...back at home, Perry had a blast playing with my phone. Look at those sweet smiles!

...she also took a bath without her bath seat and loved the freedom. She was crawling all over the tub chasing her toys in no time.

...after bath time, she crawled around while she dried off.

...Sunday morning, she walked around the ottoman and couches blowing raspberries at me.

...then she sat down and played Noah's Ark with her big sisters. This is one of the girls' favorite toys that Santa brought Perry.

...she soon discovered me and came crawling up on my lap. She may be a bit of a mama's girl.

...she went down for her afternoon nap and slept hard. When I came back to check on her, she had rolled onto her tummy.

...she really loved bath that night, because she learned how to splash all over the place.

...she was cracking me up crawling around like a little monster afterwards.

Every week seems to get more and more fun with these three crazy girls.

See you next week!

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