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Sixteen Months Old

  We couldn't love this little cupcake more. She is constantly getting smothered in kisses by Daddy and Mommy. Her little personality really came out this past month. She has an attitude and isn't afraid to use it. She's so funny, but very calculated. I have a feeling Grace will be the class clown while Char brings home the straight A report cards. It's so fun watching them grow and learn together. We are so, so blessed with these little munchkins.   This month:    Chawee weighs twenty-three pounds, nine ounces (50th percentile).   She is thirty-one and three quarter inches tall (80th percentile).   Her favorite things are her blankies, her stuffed lion named Roar, and jewelry.   Girl can put away some food. She consistently eats more than her big sister at each and every meal.   She's getting really good at telling you what she wants. Usually, it's a popsicle, and she'll go to the freezer and pull on the door until someone gets

Last Week...

...Grace's teacher gave her some Doritos after she helped clean up all of the tables and chairs in her class. She saved some to give Charley after school (how sweet is she?!), and they had fun snacking on them on the way home. ...the girls have really been into the movie Brave since it came out. We watch it at least five times a week. Grace is probably even going to be Merida for Halloween (if she's not Rapunzel). She knows almost all of the words to the entire movie and will break out in character at random moments. I caught her saying, "I am Merida. First born descendent of Clan Dunbroch, and I'll be shooting for my own hand." (Merida is from Scotland and has an accent.) ...the girls wore their sunglasses on the way to dinner. ...Grace played with the awesome light stick Mommy brought home from her girls' night concert last week. ...she worked on jumps and bars at gymnastics this week. ...we had pizza for di