Play Date Saturday

Last Saturday was full of play dates.
Earlier in the week, Shelly had texted me about a new place across the street from our usual spot, Run Plus Fun, and asked if we wanted to check it out. We were both free Saturday, so we planned it then!

I told Grace that we were going to play with Noah, Easton, and Jameson, so she woke up extra bright eyed and bushy-tailed that morning. She ran to the bath telling me that we needed to hurry. It was so funny. She and Charley played in the tub, but after about a minute, Grace insisted that I hurry and "wash her up" so that she could get out and get going.

Once we were all ready to go, we headed to Kids Play Café. It was perfect timing, because the place was just opening up, and we had it all to ourselves for a while. The kids instantly gravitated towards the play kitchens and had fun making us snacks.
When we were all full, they went crazy running all over, climbing, and going down the fastest slides in the universe. I bet they could break a world record for speed.
They played basketball, colored pictures, and even colored on a gigantic chalkboard wall. Charley may or may not have also colored bright orange chalk all over the wooden playground.
They also climbed through tunnels, went fishing, and performed on stage. They were so funny dancing and then hiding behind the curtain only to run out dancing again.
Next up was climbing the rock wall and more slide action. Grace just walked over and climbed right up. She was so proud of herself when she got to the top.
Easton and Charley climbed up the easy ways. Isaac helped Charley go down the biggest slide, and she came shooting out of the bottom. Luckily, I was there to catch her. She flew at least three feet past the end of the slide. It scared me, but she wanted to go over and over. I definitely appreciated the mats they had at the bottoms of the slides and on the wall in front of it. Who knew she was such a dare devil?
They made their way back to the kitchen where Grace made a new friend and fed Charley some ice cream.
The kids took a quick break for some water and juice before heading back to play on the slides one last time.
This place had so much for the kids to do, and all of them had a blast running around playing with each other. It was a nice break from Run Plus Fun, and I think the kids really liked having something new and different to play with. There isn't much to do indoors, and it's way too hot to be outside in the middle of day during the summer.
After our fun morning, we lunched at Lucille's before heading home for naps. The kiddos fell asleep almost instantly.
A few hours later, it was time for Mom and Dad's play date with their friends. Every August there is a country concert for $15. They aren't huge names, but there were five performers this year including Kip Moore and Brantley Gilbert. We dropped the girls off at Grandpa and Grandma Whiting's house to go swim and hang out, while we got to enjoy some grown up fun with our friends. Grace was so excited and even packed all of her own stuff to take with her.
Once they were safe with Grandma and Grandpa, we met up with everyone at the concert.
 The guys got us beers, and Isaac handed me one with a straw...really?!
We had so much fun listening to the bands, trying to talk to each other over the music, and sipping on chugging the nasty drinks that the boys would bring back consisting of orange juice with double vodka (because they didn't want to wait in line again) and then orange juice with mostly tequila. After all of that, we decided to head to Toby Keith bar after Kip Moore sang his first song, so we missed Brantley Gilbert entirely. I have no idea why, but someone also handed drunken Francesca a taser. Luckily, she didn't actually tase anyone.
We had a blast at Toby Keith, as usual, and we didn't even get kicked out! Instead we spent most of our time on the dance floor doing the electric slide, cupid shuffle, and even the wobble. We also belted out Friends in Low Places and Sweet Caroline before calling it a night. It was so much fun to get out with our friends. A big thanks to Craig and Lisa for taking the girls!
I don't think you could ask for more out of a Saturday. We are so lucky to have such amazing family and friends to enjoy our weekends with.

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