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21 Weeks and Counting

So now that we are officially in the second half of the pregnancy, Grace is pretty much ready to go.  She actually looks like a real life baby in there now!  She's a little shorter and skinnier than she will be come June, but she's ready to start storing fat and chubbying up for us all to enjoy in a few short months.  Here is a picture of the bump at its current state:

It's getting out there, huh?  Wait until next month! I still haven't been able to feel her kicking yet (bummer, although I hear that I should enjoy this fact). Twice now I have felt like either my stomach is twitching or I can feel my heart beating realllly hard in there. I'm thinking that this could be baby hiccups because it's a pretty consistent beat and lasts for a minute or two. I can't wait to feel her really moving in there, though. I feel like I'm getting gypped because I've only got 19 weeks left (isn't that crazy?!).
More about Gracie, Boo Bear, Stinker, etc. (Yes, she alr…

This Week...

...we are officially in the second half of pregnancy, and I swear every time I eat I feel like my ribs are going to pop out of place.  I'm so hungry, but I can barely fit any food into my stomach without being REALLY uncomfortable!
...we ate at Memphis Barbecue (again...and again).  This has definitely been my favorite thing to eat throughout the pregnancy.  We go there at least twice a week and sometimes more.  I think sweet tea is what I crave the most.  I've even started making decaf iced tea all the time at home to satisfy my cravings!

...we got tons of rain over the past week and a half.  They said that Las Vegas got more rain last week than in all of 2009!  I've been loving it since we hardly get any here, but it is pretty scary to drive when the streets in your neighborhood look more like rivers.
...we finally finished the first season of True Blood.  I've been reading the books (currently half way through book 4) and Isaac has been watching the episodes with me.  …


Since we have decided to name the baby Grace, I wanted to find out what exactly this name meant.  The name of my great grandmother is Maxie Grace which is where I got the idea from.  I love the way it sounds, and I really like that it's not too out there, which is very trendy these days.  I didn't want my daughter to have a name like Apple or Phinneous and wonder in 10 years what the heck we were thinking.  I also love that the name Grace is an older name which helps me to believe that she will be innocent and have strong morals and values.  After looking up "the meaning of the name Grace", here is what I've found:
It is of Latin origin and means blessing or goodwill.
As a vocabulary word, Grace can be described as meaning "effortless beauty".
In Christian theology, grace is the unconditional love of God toward all people.
In Greek mythology, the Three Graces were goddesses of nature.  They represented brilliance, laughter, and good cheer.
I really love this…

This Week...

...we had an ultrasound Monday, and the doc told us that everything looks good.  There was a slightly higher amount of fluid in her kidneys than he would like, but he said he'd keep an eye on it.  Of course I started googling this and was terrified after clicking on a few links.  The explanations ranged from her having to pee to crazy things like deformed kidneys!  I've decided to stay away from the internet when it comes to baby.  I'm sure if it was serious the doctor would have done/said more about it.  We will have another ultrasound on February 8th where we will meet with a pediatric cardiologist to get Grace's heart completely checked out.  With all of the defects in my family we just want to be on the safe side.  They did tell us this week that they could see all four chambers and all four valves, and she has a really strong heartbeat.  That made us feel a little more relaxed about it.
...I started reading the Sookie Stackhouse series (True Blood on HBO) and can&#…

18 Weeks and a Crib

This past weekend, we went shopping for the nursery furniture.  We knew that we wanted dark wood and one that can be turned into a toddler bed and then a full size bed for future use.  After a couple of stores, we headed over to Babies R Us and picked out the perfect crib for Gracie :)
We put together the crib and tall dresser, but the longer dresser won't come in for another week.
Here's Isaac being goofy. He was obviously excited about getting the furniture put together!
I had to read the instructions to make sure he didn't put it together the wrong way.
The finished products!!
A pic of the baby bump at 18 weeks.
Hopefully, we'll have the baby bedding in the next few weeks and can finally pick out our paint colors and get the nursery finished up.  I can't wait to see it all come together.
The day before this was my 18 week mark.  That means the baby is as long as a bell pepper and weighs 5 to 7 ounces. (We actually had an ultrasound Monday, and she weighs 8 ounces!)


Nursery Decor

One of the hardest decisions I am currently facing is how to decorate the nursery.  Isaac and I have looked at tons of websites and hundreds of different themes but haven't been able to agree on one.  I want pink everywhere (obviously, because she's a little girl), and Isaac wants something more grown up and not too babyish.  We found one called Sugar Plum that we both liked, but there was one was purple.  I knew I had to find something pink for little Gracie.
It seems like I have been googling 'baby bedding' every day for weeks.  Today, I finally found one that I absolutely love and guess what?  Isaac likes it too!!  It is called Petals by Lamb and Ivy.

I'm not too crazy about the oval pictures on the wall, but I have to have everything else. How adorable is that little mobile? Seriously! I'm thinking that instead of the pictures, I can do her name on the wall like this:

I can just buy little wooden letters at Jo-Anns and paint them chocolate brown t…