21 Weeks and Counting

So now that we are officially in the second half of the pregnancy, Grace is pretty much ready to go.  She actually looks like a real life baby in there now!  She's a little shorter and skinnier than she will be come June, but she's ready to start storing fat and chubbying up for us all to enjoy in a few short months.  Here is a picture of the bump at its current state:

It's getting out there, huh?  Wait until next month! I still haven't been able to feel her kicking yet (bummer, although I hear that I should enjoy this fact). Twice now I have felt like either my stomach is twitching or I can feel my heart beating realllly hard in there. I'm thinking that this could be baby hiccups because it's a pretty consistent beat and lasts for a minute or two. I can't wait to feel her really moving in there, though. I feel like I'm getting gypped because I've only got 19 weeks left (isn't that crazy?!).

More about Gracie, Boo Bear, Stinker, etc. (Yes, she already has nicknames. Ones that she's sure to love, too!)  All of her facial features are formed, and she's started growing hair on her head.  I'm convinced she's had hair since about week 12 when the heartburn kicked in nice and hard.  Tums have become sort of like a life saver to me.  It's great that they're chalked full of calcium too because I eat like 6-10 a day! I've got a bag full of them in my car, my purse, my desk at work, my nightstand, and a MONSTER-SIZED bottle in the pantry.  In other baby news, Grace is now swallowing amniotic fluid (gross? Yes!) and can actually absorb sugars now through her intestines.  She is about 10.5 inches long (like the size of a carrot) and weighs almost a full pound!

Our current dilemma is whether or not we should take any classes before baby comes (Lamaze, Birthing, Breastfeeding, etc.).  I have been told that it's a nice experience for the couple, but once you are in the hospital your mind is on nothing more than getting this baby out safe and sound.  Will I be lost if I don't take a class or two?  If I do take one, will it really be helpful?  I'm still trying to figure this one out, so I'll let you know what we decide.  That is, if we can make a decision on it before it's too late!

P.S. Aunt Susie, we ordered this shirt just for you!! I'll make sure to post a picture of me wearing it with my bump as soon as it comes in :)

Only 19 more weeks until Grace arrives :)

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