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Last Week...

...we continued making dinners at home every night (go us!!), and Grace couldn't get enough of Mommy's homemade sweet tea:

...she tried on baby Charley's bow from the Sebastians. I can't wait to see it on that tiny little newborn head:

...she made her very first art project at school:
I'm not even sure what it is or how she made it (paint?)...but I'm still so proud!
...Grace helped take Mommy's phone calls at the office:

...we went to Memphis Barbecue for dinner where Daddy got some sweet kisses from baby girl:

...Gracie got some new bunny slippers and wore them all around the house:

...while we were playing outside, Grace snuck all of the neighbor's kids inside and they played in her house:
This picture doesn't do it justice. There were literally ten kids in there.
...she shared her Care Bear stickers with baby sister:

...the guys at Ventano ( spoiled her and let her make her own sundae at the ice cream bar behind the counter:

A Few More Weeks

I'm sure by now, you all know who Kasie is (she's in lots of my prior posts). She's one of my bestest friends and one of the sweetest, most beautiful, happy, fun-loving people that I've ever met.

Since her wedding is coming up soon, us girls all gathered together to celebrate at her bridal shower.

Bethany, Kasie's Made of Honor and another super funny, gorgeous friend of mine from high school/middle school, did an amazing job hosting the shower:

 She had some of the cutest decorations ever. She did a little country theme, and it was perfect.

Check out the uber cute set up:

As the shower got rolling, everyone hung out, ate, and chatted:

Then the games began.

The best one by far was "How Well Do You Know the Groom?"

We even got this great video of Kasie being grilled by Bethany:

There were a lot more fun questions, but they weren't really blog appropriate.
After the game, it was time for Kasie to open all of her gifts.

She got some pretty cool kitchen …

Last Week...

...we had what should be our last ultrasound for baby Charley. Since everything is looking good, we only have six more doctor's appointments until she's here. At the ultrasound, we got some new pictures of baby girl:

They even got a shot of her little foot giving me a swift kick in the ribs:

...Grace started pre-school.
...I got a quick video of Charley squirming around in my belly:

...we watched the Rebels play in the Big Dance only to get knocked out in the first round. There's always next year, right?:

...Daddy tickled Gracie:

...she got to hang out with her buddy Wrangler at Grammy's on Wednesday:

...Kasie and I made a new dish for our weekly Friday night dinner called Confetti Chicken Pasta. It was sooo good:

Here's a link to the recipe.
...Grace and Daddy read Olivia books:

...we went to the City of Henderson's St. Patrick's Day parade.
...we let Grace have a fudgesicle before bed (hey, it was Saturday):

...we bought groceries and made dinner at home