Last Week...

...we celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday. sister tried to teach Grace "The Wiggle Dance":

...Grace tested out baby Charley's sleeper. I love this thing! It'll be perfect for her to sleep in when she's an infant and to take naps in, too. Plus, it rocks which is extra awesome:

...Grace got to go to her very first movie, The Lorax. She absolutely loved it. Since it was her first movie experience, we made sure to get her an Icee, a hot dog, and a large popcorn:

...she fell asleep in the car with her buddies, Piggy and Mickey Mouse. She calls them "piddy" and "moush":

...Poppa and Gran got Grace some princess tattoos, and Kasie made sure Cinderella was applied in the perfect spot:

...she was so tired, she passed out on the couch before bed time:

(Love those chubby hands and feet!!)

...Daddy taught Grace how to dunk her doughnuts in milk:

...we had lots of fun with our friends at the beer walk in Lake Las Vegas.

...she took pictures of herself with my phone:

...she was really excited to play with her new sticker book in Daddy's car:

...she found Mommy's make up bag and had a little too much fun with the eyeliner:

...we also shot our maternity photos!

Stay tuned for those.

Here's a little sneak peak if you just can't wait:

See ya next week :)

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