Melts My Heart

My little booger is three months away from being two!

She's finally starting to string words into small sentences. For example, if she wants more cheese she says "mow tcheez" instead of just "tcheez".

When she tries sliding off of our bed, she rests on the wooden ledge of the bed posts and yells, "Da da, hupp tseez!"

My favorite of her newest words this month:

"hupp" - help

"pay" - play

"tay too" - thank you

"chawie" - Charley

When she gets sleepy she'll also say "bet" for bed to let us know that she's ready for bed.

It's so funny when we are at the dinner table and Isaac and I are talking about something. She wants to converse with us so badly that she'll just start babbling and include head nods and hand motions. We always pretend we know exactly what she said.

It melts my heart!

She absolutely loves music and dances to every song she hears. She's got the cutest little shoulder shake.

She's also really good at somersaults. (I'll try to get a video for the next blog.)

Her favorite movies are currently "Yady" or Lady and the Tramp and "Go Touie" or Ratatouille.

She's totally forgotten about the binky altogether.

We're still working on getting her to sleep in her own bed more. 

This month she went through a growth spurt (evidenced by the sudden weight gain and subsequent spike in height) AND popped in two new molars.

Grace now has eighteen (or twenty?) teeth. She won't let me check out the top molars.

She loves hugging Isaac and I around our necks and squishing her cheeks against ours. It's my new favorite thing!

She started pre-school two days a week and is doing pretty well with it.

I'll post a whole other blog on that a bit later.

She still has her three puppies that Daddy got her while we were stroller shopping. She loved them before, but she's been taking one to school with her each day for nap time and now loves to sleep with them at home as well. She calls them "putties", and they can always be found at least in the same room that Grace is in.

I say this every single day, but she's getting so big! I can't believe how much of a little person she has become.

We're starting potty training this next month.

Wish us luck!

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