Last Week...

...we went to Daddy's last football game and ended up watching the second half from the car. It was sooo cold:

...we celebrated baby Charley's pending arrival with a tea party baby shower.

...Grace slept in her own bed the whole night:

...Grace played with her buddies at the park.

...she snuggled up with her monkey at bed time. This thing is one of the best purchases we ever made. When Grace sleeps in her own bed, she'll wake up if she doesn't feel Isaac or I laying next to her. Ever since Miss Monkey started sleeping in Grace's bed, she rolls over and feels her and stays asleep. It doesn't work every night, but it's definitely a start:

...Mommy got still got some snuggle time in too:

...Grace woke up and watched her usual Saturday morning show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:

...she got a new ball with Elmo and Big Bird on it. She also started carrying a purse around with her everywhere:

...she sang me songs in the car while we waited for Daddy:

See ya next week :)

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