Lucky Clover

Each year for St. Patrick's Day, the City of Henderson puts on a parade down Water Street.

We took Grace last year, and she loved it:

Although it was supposed to be cold and windy, we decided to make the parade an annual tradition and go anyways.

Isaac stopped by the old Henderson spot Friendly Donuts and grabbed some goodies for breakfast. Then we went down to Water Street and met up with Shelly, Noah, and Easton.

When Uncle Zacarias went to Ireland last winter, he brought Grace some lucky clover earrings. She made sure to wear them for St. Patrick's Day:

The kids ate some donuts and waited patiently for the parade to start:

It started with the flag, police, and firefighters (definitely the boys' favorite part):

The bagpipes were great, and they sounded awesome:

Next up was the Smalley Elementary school cheerleaders. This is the school Grace and Charley will go to, and some of our neighbors were in the parade:

Daddy stole some kisses during the slow parts:

Grace's favorite part was the miniature ponies:

We had to sit on the curb to get a closer look:

Noah and Grace were adorable watching the parade together:

Seriously, how cute is this:

They even danced when the drum line went by:

The city had a lot of fun rides, carnival food, and game booths set up around City Hall. It was pretty cold and the wind was picking up though, so we decided we'd better just head home.

I'm glad we did, because as soon as we got home it started to rain.

Grace would've stayed outside playing in it all afternoon if I'd let her:

As soon as she was dripping wet, I made her come in.

We spent the rest of St. Patty's Day hanging out around the house and having pizza with Kasie and Jeremy.

It was such a fun, relaxing day. 

I'm glad we got to spend it with such great friends!

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