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Last Week...

...Charley and Mommy played while Grace napped:

...Grace saw Mommy pumping and decided that she needed to pump, too. She now does this every afternoon when I get home from work:
...Grace got a ride on Daddy's shoulders, and Charley loved watching them play:

...Grace taught sister all about shoes:

...she brushed her hair and took pictures of her:

...angel baby slept so sweetly:
...we took Gracie out to dinner because she got bumped up TWO classes at swim school. She did so good one day, that they let her skip a class, and now Mommy doesn't have to swim in the pool with her:
...Grace had her first lesson in the big girl swim class. She goes in all by herself with the teacher. She cried for the first twenty minutes but still did all of the lessons. The instructors said this will usually happen the first four to five classes because kids are afraid of being in the water without their mom or dad. Hopefully she gets used to it quickly. It's hard to sit there watching her cry in…

Such a Mover


I can't even believe it.
I feel like Charley was just born yesterday.
This time stuff is just flying by way too fast.

At five months old, Charley's constantly smiling, kicking, and squealing away. She loves to be held and snuggled which I adore. Baby girl goes 4-5 hour stretches between feedings during the day. At night she'll eat every three hours or so. She'd rather eat when momma's around, and is currently at about 4.5 ounces per feeding. She still sleeps in her little sleeper next to Mommy's side of the bed. We'll probably be transitioning to her crib soon, since she's getting so big. I'm trying to wait on that for as long as possible. It's so nice not having to actually get out of bed to feed her. I love snuggling with her in my bed, so she sometimes ends up there in the middle of the night. She has two teeth. She weighs close to fifteen pounds, but isn't quite there just yet.
Her eyes are a different color every day. T…

Last Week...

...Charley hung out in bed with Mom:

...we wanted to take Grace to the Disney Store, but ended up at the Character Depot instead. She found an awesome big-headed Mickey and Minnie before we actually made it to the Disney Store. This kid went nuts. She couldn't pick anything because she wanted everything. She ended up with a Minnie cup, a Buzz Lightyear cup, a Minnie hair styling set, a Minnie bracelet, and a stuffed Pluto. Seeing her so happy made us that much more excited to take her to Disneyland in a couple of months:

...Grandma Lisa took the girls to the park while Isaac and I worked on Monday:

...Charley hung out in her pack n play, and I got an even better shot of the new teefers:

...Grace talked to Poppa on the phone. She has become obsessed in recent weeks and can have a full conversation now. She LOVES getting phone calls from her grandparents:
...Charley continued to nap twice in the morning and once in the afternoon:
...she woke up happy and ready to play with Mommy: