Last Week... stepdad's family was still in town since we all had the day off for Labor Day. We spent the day at my parents' house to spend some more time with the family before they left.

Grace and Daddy covered Charley in Lorax stickers:

Then Brittany and Marissa joined in:

...Grace is really growing up and looked like such a big girl:

...Marissa had fun braiding Grace's hair the first night they were in town, so Grace returned the favor:

...we had dinner at Ventano:

The family had to head back home the next morning, but hopefully we'll be seeing them all again really soon, because we planned a trip to Disneyland over Thanksgiving! I'm so excited to take Grace to see Mickey and Minnie in person. She's going to freak (or be terrified of them like I was as a kid...we'll see)!

...we left off the week before with Grace having a 104 degree fever. I gave her Motrin and cooled her down throughout the night. Monday she was only feverish off and on, with no other symptoms. The only way I even knew she had a fever was because her back, neck, and arms felt like they were on fire. When I took her to school Tuesday, there was a sign on the door that said someone in her class had strep throat the week before. I went into panic mode wondering if Grace had it or would bring it home to her baby sister, so we took her to Dr. Vu's office that morning. By then, her fever was gone, and she ended up testing negative for strep. The doctor said that as long as her fever breaks with Motrin or a warm bath, we don't need to worry. I've heard horror stories of babies seizing with high fevers, so it always freaks me out. (Apparently, some kids can sieze at a 102 degree fever while others can handle 105 just fine.) It's still scary when it starts creeping up there, though. I have no idea what was wrong with Grace, but she's just fine after a sucker or two or three at the doctor's:

...the girls played, and Grace practiced taking pictures like Mommy's always doing. Isaac has started calling me Mamarazzi:

...we stopped by Grandma and Grandpa Espejo's and Grace got tons of new stickers. She's obsessed and loves to take them ALL off the paper and stick them everywhere:

...we got some more rain:

...Isaac and I celebrated our three year anniversary! It's hard to believe it's been that long, or that we are now a family of four. We didn't get to celebrate much and just went out to dinner that night. We were planning on celebrating by going to San Diego for the weekend, but decided to go another time. Instead we just enjoyed each other's company, which is what it's all about anyways!

...Grace face played with the camera on my phone:

...I tried taking a picture of Charley while she was sleeping so adorably, but the flash was bright, and she wasn't too happy about it. She was on her back and rolled like this:

...Isaac and I were talking about how different the girls look, so we made this quick comparison. This is them each at about two weeks old. You can totally see the resemblance in the eyes and chin, but they definitely each have their own look:

...Charley got to try rice cereal mixed with breastmilk. She liked it and did pretty good, and Grace enjoyed watching:

...Grace ate lots of dried apple bites while watching movies:

...she danced and sang along with her absolute favorite song, Pontoon:

...Charley bug napped in our bed:

...we had lunch (and dinner!) with Kasie. Jeremy called mid-lunch and had a conversation with Grace before he came to meet us. She was such a little adult just sipping away on her drink and taking bites of her macaroni while talking to him. Charley had a pretty good time chillin' outside, too:

...Grace read and watched movies at the same time: season finally started (we've been waiting all year), so the girls got all dressed up. It doesn't matter if we win or lose (although winning is always better), I LOVE watching my team play:

...Grace and I ate breakfast burritos in bed while we watched the Titans:

(Can't believe how long her hair is getting!!) lil cheerleader passed out at half time:

...Grace and Charley played some more:

...Gracie wanted to hold Charley a lot:

...we went to dinner with my mom and Rick for Grandparent's Day. My mom has at least one of my kiddos almost every day of the week, so I figured it was the least we could do:

Grace and Charley are so lucky to have five sets of grandparent's in town that love them so much, and they are all so amazing. We love you all!!

...Charley's hair seemed to sprout over night. She's the cutest little fuzzy wuzzy I've ever seen:

See you next week :)

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