Last Week...

...Charley watched the Bears game with Daddy:
(How cute are those little Bears booties?! I wish they'd had them in Titans, too!)

...we went to Uncle Zac and Stef's for dinner, and Grace had fun playing with the dogs:

...Grace and Daddy watched TV in bed before they went to sleep:

...we got another summer thunderstorm. This summer has been full of them, and we've been loving it:

...after the storm, we had a mud play date with some of our neighbors:

For some reason, Grace thought it would be fun to smear mud on the side of the house:

Luckily, I was able to talk her into playing with shovels and buckets instead:

Charley hung out in Daddy's arms while the other kids played:

...she hadn't been eating very well two of the past four days, and I couldn't figure out why. She wasn't fussy or sick and was sleeping fine, but when I'd feed her, she'd just start eating and pull away like she wasn't hungry. When we were playing outside, she was really going to town chewing on her little fingers. I felt around for some teeth, but didn't feel anything. When I looked in her mouth, I discovered two little teeth had already popped through her gums!
(If you look super close, you can see the two little clear teeth on her bottom gum):

Here's a better shot that Aunt Geni took at work the next day:

This is pretty early for teeth. Grace got her first one at six months. She was a pretty good teether. The only ones we had issues with were the canines. They all came in last and at the same time and gave us a rough three days. I'm hoping Charley is a good teether, too. Judging by her having no reaction to these two, I think she may be {fingers crossed!}.

...Grace tried edamame for the first time and really liked it:

...Grandma Lisa brought Grace a new bubble gun that makes HUGE bubbles, so we played outside that afternoon:

...Charley enjoyed bath time:

...she worked on her squeals. Girl is getting good:

...Grace is now two and a quarter!

...Grace and Charley played Saturday morning while Mommy and Daddy attempted to sleep in:

...we took the girls shopping and stopped for Slurpees on the way home. They both fell asleep, but Mom and Dad still got one:

...Grace got her first pair of Air Jordans:

...we celebrated Jeremy's birthday with a crazy night out.

See you next week!

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