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Last Week...

...Perry played with the cones at soccer practice and kept trying to put them all on her head like hats.

...Poppa fed her yogurt melts while she walked around.

...she snacked on some blueberries when we got home.

...she snuggled with her chicky chair while watching Moana.

...Grace and Perry made music with their xylophones.

...Charley made a s'more at school and couldn't wait to show Gracie.

...we went to Grammy and Papa Rick's, They were going to be out of town for Charley's birthday, so she got to open her presents a few days early. She got the coolest tea set from Matilda Jane that she is now obsessed with, and this cool crab that floats in the pool that you can lay on. Perry claimed it as hers immediately. We went out back to see the horses, and found some ladybugs on the fruit trees. Perr wasn't a huge fan of the horses. She liked to get close, but she didn't like to touch them.