Last Week...

...Perry was sick on Monday, so she hung out at work with me. She was obviously excited to see Daddy.

...she watched her iPad and slept in her sleeper like a good girl.

...we went to lunch at Jason's Deli, where she ate graham crackers and sucked down sweet tea.

...back at the office, we snuggled and she talked to pictures of her big sisters.

...Tuesday morning, I was packing Grace's lunch while Char hung out with Perry. I came back in to the room to find that Charley had changed Perry's clothes for the day. Perr was happy to have her big sister helping her, as evidenced by that sweet smile.

...we played outside after school, and Perry didn't want to sit still on the blanket. Girlfriend is becoming super mobile lately.

...she's a total pro at standing and showed off her skills in this adorable watermelon romper.

...we went to visit baby Ava, and the girls couldn't get enough of her. She really is the tiniest, sweetest little thing.

...after getting our baby fix, we went to Five Guys for dinner where Perr showed off her chunky thighs.

...we snuggled in bed. This time of night is my favorite. I think it's because she's my third, and I know just how quickly time passes, but I cannot get enough of this little nugget. I look forward to laying down with her every night and snuggling her to pieces.

...she wore the same onesie to school in the morning (with jeans added), and she was still wearing it when she passed out in her swing after school.

...she watched Hop with her big sisters, and apparently, she was really into it.

...Charley and Perry played with their baby dolls, and Perry tried to sneak a swig of milk from the bottle.

...she slept in her pack 'n play after I rocked her to sleep.

...June and January (one of our favorite clothing shops for the girls) had a huge drop on Friday, so we tried some stuff on to make sure we knew what sizes to order.

...then Perry was mesmerized by her movies again.

...Daddy was in California visiting some nurseries, and Perry was so excited to FaceTime him.

...she made silly faces at herself in the camera.

...we snuggled some more. I think she loves it just as much as I do.

...the girls had soccer games Saturday, and Daddy made it home just in time to catch them both. While we watched them play, Perry snacked on pouches and puffs.

...Gracie and Mariah were team captains and won the coin toss.

...Grace played goalie and did a great job.

...we moved parks to where Charley was playing, and Perry loved playing with her Daddy.

...Char did great, too, and scored a goal against this team that was bigger than her.

...these girls love to play soccer, and we love to watch them. By random coincidence, both of their teams ended up with the same colors for the second year in a row. Even further craziness is that they were both assigned the same number.

...we met Poppa and Gran at Olive Garden for lunch after soccer.

...the girls played with Amelia at Matt and Frannie's on Saturday night. Char took turns pushing Perry and Amelia around in the stroller, and it was adorable.

...we went for a super long walk on Sunday (all the way to Grandma Espejo's house and back), while the girls road their bikes. On the way home, Gracie found a ladybug, so the girls had to take turns holding it.

...Perry spent the rest of the day napping either in her pack 'n play or on Mommy's chest.

...she was wide awake and happy at bath time.

...the girls came in and kept pouring water over her head with her bath toys. She was making the silliest faces while anticipating the water that had us all cracking up.

...I saw this and thought it was highly appropriate.

See ya next week!

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