Last Week...

...we did Perry's first birthday taco smash on Monday, and my sister Andrea took the cutest pictures of her devouring them.

...she looked super cute when I dropped her off at school on Tuesday. Those knee high socks get me every time. was so crazy windy when we got home, so the girls tried flying their kites that the Easter Bunny brought them. It might have been a little too windy.

...Perry and I snuggled before calling it a night.

...Daddy snapped a picture of us sleeping before he left for work the next morning.

...Miss Dawn sent me this picture of Perry with bananas everywhere. She always says Perry likes to turn her food into a science experiment.

...she played in the bath tub with her favorite new bath toys.

...we organized her shoes, because girlfriend's stash is getting out of control. Luckily, she's right in between sizes, so we're getting use out of her fall moccs and her new spring/summer moccasins.

...Charley likes to take pictures of Perry with my phone while I'm getting ready in the morning.

...we played outside with the neighbors, and Perry was too cool for school.

...although she's taken some steps here and there, the walking really clicked this week. Perry just came home from school on Monday and was walking around the house like she'd been doing it forever. When we were outside, she walked around like a total pro.

...the kids had fun playing with kinetic sand and making the street and walls pretty with chalk.

...I tried getting Perry to do her silly fake laugh for Shelly, but she was so exhausted. It's hard for this girl to stay up when it gets past 6:00.

...I gave her a bath, and she played with the baby in the drain. She's so silly!

...she slept soundly in her DockATot after her bath.

...Saturday morning, Isaac washed her up in the sink after breakfast. Her hair was wet, so he made it into a mohawk, and she was being super silly.

...Grace and I dropped Toodles off at the vet to get groomed and shaved for the summer.

...we spent the morning watching the girls play soccer, while Perry played with her babydoll.

...everyone napped when we got home, because we had more plans that afternoon.

...we headed over to Amy's house to celebrate Darrin and Amanda's new addition with a baby shower. It was so great to see some old friends. We love these guys and their family so much. The girls had fun playing with the other kids, as well.

...Sunday morning, we headed to the District for breakfast. Since we got there before Rachel's Kitchen opened, the girls ran around the splash pad to pass the time. When we finally sat down, Perry insisted on holding her own apple juice. up was our usual Sunday errands. We stopped by Target, which was fully decked out in Mario Kart decor, and Sprouts to get groceries for the following week.

...after we made it home, we spent the rest of our Sunday being lazy and lounging around the house.

That's all for now! See ya next week :)

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