Last Week...

...Perry got a fever at school on Monday, so she came to hang at the office (again). She loves to look out our big windows and watch everything going on below.

...we went to Char's soccer practice where she played with her cars.

...Tuesday, she was back. Baby girl wanted this orange for lunch, but she didn't want to wait for me to peel it first.

...she was the sweetest in the bath that night.

...Gracie brought home a story she wrote about The Cat in the Hat and a cool self portrait she made in art class.

...Wednesday, Perry was back at school, and it was Grace that came to work with a fever. You can always tell when she's been in the office, because everyone's walls are covered with pictures that she colored them.

...Charley made a finger print rainbow at school and was so proud of it. She wants me to get a frame to hang this in her new unicorn room.

...we went to Me Gusta Tacos for dinner and decided to walk around and do some shopping afterwards. Daddy took the girls to Charming Charlie's and they picked out some super cute jewelry and dress up headbands.

...Perry and Charley played with the choo choo train. Perr loves putting the blocks into the top and watching them fly out the bottom. Just look at her face to see how proud she is of herself.

...Thursday night, we met the family at Ventano since the Grubers and Aunt Cindy were in town for their spring break. The girls got spoiled with ice cream from Arnauld, as usual.

...Perry snacked on a lemon wedge while we waited for our dinner.

...Perry must have been exhausted, because she passed out quickly and didn't wake up in the morning when I moved her onto the floor so I could shower.

...Allison was induced Thursday night and welcomed baby Ava into the world on Friday. She is such a little peanut, and we were so excited to finally meet her. Congratulations, Alex and Allison! She's perfect!!

...Grandma Sally and Rick were in town from Nebraska, so we went to see Zumanity with them on Friday night. Grandma Sally was called up on stage and rocked it. In fact, after the show, everyone was chanting her name and lining up to take pictures with her. We had such a fun night!

...the girls stayed with Grammy and dyed Easter eggs, while we were out. It was Perry's first time at Grammy's, and it took her a while to warm up to being there.

...Saturday morning, Daddy met our new website designer at work to get some pictures of the equipment. They got some pretty cool shots.

...he finished up just in time to make it to Char's soccer game and see her make three goals.

...Perry hung out in the shade while her big sisters did their thing.

...Gracie played goalie again at her game and played so well. Grandma Sally and Rick even got to watch her play for a little bit.

...the girls were distracted by a ladybug at half time.

...Grace and Char left with Grandma Sunshine to have a sleepover at her house. Perry came with Daddy and me to El Torito where she got down on some guacamole.

...the next morning, she woke up and watched Mickey and the Roadster Racers and played with Toodles.

...she was back to sleep for a nap by eight o'clock.

...since we didn't have to meet up with the girls until noon, we went to breakfast at Rachel's Kitchen.

...after breakfast, we went to the Harley Davidson store to check it out, and Daddy and Perry fell in love with the motorcycles.

...we still had some time to kill, so we stopped by the M&M store to get the girls some candy with their names on it. Perry loved the big M&Ms hanging around.

...we finally made it to Uncle Zac's where Perry played with Juju and danced to the Trolls soundtrack while we waited for her sisters to arrive.

...we took some pictures with Great Grandma Sally.

...Perry snacked on some yogurt melts, while we waited for Daddy to get home with dinner.

...Charley told me all about their lizard adventures while they were with Grandma. I secretly recorded her, and it was so funny. Apparently they were talking to them, just like people.

That's all for now. See you next week!

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