Gracing Us with Her Presence

Baby girl has officially reached the one and a half mark.

That's EIGHTEEN whole months that she's been gracing us with her presense:

This past month, Grace has grown a lot developmentally.

She has added tons of new words to her vocabulary.

The cutest ones are wa wa (water), gogga (doggie), Santa, Anah (Noah), and Daddy instead of da da.

Hearing her talk to us is the cutest thing ever.

She also responds very well to questions. She can answer back with yes and just doesn't say anything if it's a no.

She has been obsessed with the Christmas tree all month long. Every time we walk through the front door, she runs over to press the button to light it up.

She has tons of hair that gets longer and curlier every second.

Grace can also feed herself very well. She's great with a fork and spoon, although she loves to dump her plate or bowl out when she's done.When she doesn't want anymore, she says "ahh done", and wants to get the food away from her table ASAP. We're working on that one.

She also likes to mimic things now. She'll try to say almost anything you ask her, but sometimes her mouth just can't figure it out. For example, she loves to buckle herself into shopping carts and screams if you try to do it for her. I tried getting her to say 'buckle' the whole time we were in Target the other day and she could only come up with gucka. It was adorable nonetheless.

She also mimics animal sounds. Kasie has quite a few games on her iPad for Grace and whenever she plays with it, she tries to copy the ooh ooh ahh ahh of the monkey or the baa of the sheep. She's getting so smart.

Grace knows where all of the parts of the face are located and can even say eye and nose very clearly. In fact, at night when we get in bed and I close my eyes, she pokes them and says "eye" over and over. She likes to point to all of them when you say their name: eyes, nose, ears, lips, teeth, chin, hair, and cheeks.

I taught her the chicken dance this past week and she loves it. I'll be sure to get a video of that one on the next blog.

Kasie taught her to pick up the phone and say "ohhhhh myyyy gosh". Grace sounds more like "oh pa gah". It's super cute!

I just can't believe how much she has learned this past month. This kid is picking things up like crazy.

I cannot wait to see all of the new things she'll be doing next month.

My baby is growing up way too fast!!

I never thought I'd think this way, but she gets more and more fun with each passing day. I always thought I wanted her to be tiny forever, but she's so much more fun at this age. I love that she can play and interact with us so much. We have so much fun with her and kiss her sweet cheeks every chance we get, because we know that one day she'll no longer let us.

Gracie boo, Gracie bear, monkey, stinky, boo boo is the absolute love of our lives.

What did we ever do before she joined our little family?

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