Cinco de Mayo Baby {Taco Smash}

When Perry was born on Cinco de Mayo, we immediately knew that she'd have many birthday fiestas to come. We've been planning her first birthday forever, but we weren't planning on doing a smash cake photo session, because we didn't with our other girls. When we came across the idea of a taco smash, we knew that we had to go for it.

Perry LOVES tacos. She would eat taco meat, shredded cheese, tomatoes, and avocados for every meal if we'd let her. My photographer sister, Andrea, happened to be in town two weeks before Perr turned one, so we decided to have her do the photos for us. I whipped up some tacos, grabbed some fiesta inspired backdrop pieces, and this may have been the easiest photo shoot I've ever been a part of. There was no bribing children to cooperate or explaining to the husband why we needed more pictures done. We just put Perr Bear on the ground and let her go to town. I did manage to sneak a small cake in at the end, but she wanted no part of it, and those might be my favorite of all the shots!

She did love devouring the tacos, and Andrea did such a fantastic job getting all the right shots and angles. You can tell so much about her little personality from these pictures. She's so chill and relaxed all the time, and girlfriend can put down some food. I'm so happy with the way these pictures turned out, and I just know that Perry will love having them when she gets older. 

My little Cinco de Mayo baby is almost one, and we're having so much fun celebrating her! Enjoy!!

Happy First Birthday, little taco baby. We love you so stinking much!!

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