Last Week...

...Perry played with the cones at soccer practice and kept trying to put them all on her head like hats.


...Poppa fed her yogurt melts while she walked around.

...she snacked on some blueberries when we got home.

...she snuggled with her chicky chair while watching Moana.

...Grace and Perry made music with their xylophones.

...Charley made a s'more at school and couldn't wait to show Gracie.

...we went to Grammy and Papa Rick's, They were going to be out of town for Charley's birthday, so she got to open her presents a few days early. She got the coolest tea set from Matilda Jane that she is now obsessed with, and this cool crab that floats in the pool that you can lay on. Perry claimed it as hers immediately. We went out back to see the horses, and found some ladybugs on the fruit trees. Perr wasn't a huge fan of the horses. She liked to get close, but she didn't like to touch them. 

...Grace came to work with me on Thursday for "take your child to work day" and covered Papa Rick's office in pictures. She had fun checking mail and eating lunch with Mommy and Daddy.

...Perry did another painting at school, and really got into it with the green paint dobber.

...we got a shipment in with dry ice, and the girls had fun playing with it.

...Grace wrote a story about how important her tickets are that she earns in class. She also drew a pretty picture in art class.

...Perry passed out on my chest Friday night, and I soaked in the snuggles.

...we had soccer games Saturday morning, and the girls were on fire. We played a team with a ton of girls from Grace's school, and Grace played her best game yet. She didn't let a single goal and all of the girls fed off of each others' intensity.

(I love this picture of all of their faces. So fired up!)

...we had a doughnut break before Charley's game where she scored six goals. This kid is ridiculous.

...we were trying to figure out who Perry looked more like, so I made this comparison. I think she looks a lot like me.

...since we were going to California for Charley's birthday. We did a little dinner with our family at The District. I made her Funfetti cupcakes for dessert, while Perry napped like it was her job.

...the girls had a blast at dinner. They played with their cousins and friends and ran around like crazy people. There was a wine walk the same evening, so the place was packed. We were lucky enough to score some tables right next to the splash pad, and Charley had so much fun! The had a live band playing, and they sang Happy Birthday to her, which made it that much more special. Daddy told her that he had hired the band just for her. Perry ate her first cupcake and fell in love. It was a great way to celebrate before our fun-filled week of vacation. Thanks to everyone that came to celebrate our big FIVE year old with us. You all made her feel so special.

...we spent Char's actual birthday in Newport playing on the beach.

...after lunch, we headed to Anaheim and went to Disneyland for dinner. We ate at our favorite pizza spot where the girls got character balloons.

...we hit up Space Mountain afterwards and the girls played with this giant water ball. Perry was not a fan of it.

...we decided to go try the tea cups, since the wait wasn't too long. The girls were so excited to get a mint cup, and Perry enjoyed her very first Disneyland ride.

...she just started sticking her tongue out this week, and it cracks me up every time,

...we stopped by Alice's door and knocked to see if anyone was home.

...we rode Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, and they all thought it was scary.

...Daddy took Grace and Char on Star Tours, while I hung out with a sleepy Perry.

...we did some shopping, and Perry declined when Daddy offered to buy her a Yoda hat.

...we caught the firework show just as we were leaving, and it was spectacular, as usual.

Three more days in Disneyland are coming at you next week. Stay tuned...

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