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The Littlest Pumpkin

Next month our littlest pumpkin will be one-and-a-half. So crazy!! I cannot believe that I don't have a baby anymore. Maybe someday we'll start working on another one, but for now, we are just enjoying our time with our two sweet crazy girls.     This past month with Charley has been one full of accomplishments. She has learned to say new words every single day including: Wa Wa (water) Shhhh - with finger to her lips Juice Shoes Bayyy-beee Ball Bink-bee (binky) Cheers ahhpuhn (open) Ahhhhht (hot) Coh (cold) Bah Ty (bath time) Tees (please) Weck it Wah ( Wreck it Ralph ) and Bwabe ( Brave ) She has also moved out of her booster seat and into a chair at her and Grace's little table. Charley loves her baby friend Jameson and knows how to say "JJ". She also likes playing with his big brothers (and Gracie's BFF's) Noah and Easton. She loves playing with her cousin Presley, and especially likes to give her

Last Week...

...Daddy was working some crazy hours, so Charley took over his side of the bed as soon as he left each morning. ...the girls watched Madagascar 3 together on their iPad. ...Charley fell asleep early, so I snuggled with Grace Face until she fell asleep. She usually won't let me hold her like this, because she's a hot sleeper. When she does, I soak it up for as long as I can. ...they slept stretched out across my bed before I moved them into their own beds for the night. ...Grace was not happy about going to school the next morning. We had a long conversation about it, and she told me that these three, specific boys were picking on her. Apparently, that is why her tummy had been hurting the week before, and it is the reason she did not want to go to school "ever again". As a mother, you want so badly to protect your children. I was ready to walk into school and beat up all of the three-year-olds that were being mean to her. Once I calm