Last Week...

...I switched out Toy Story 2 for Brave in the car, and the girls were SO happy. Now we can finally watch something else in the house, because they can get their Brave fix in the car every day.

...we ate dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and the girls watched The Lorax while they ate. Charley was a big girl and got to sit in a booster seat instead of a high chair.

...we finished the movie when we got home, and I noticed that Char's hair is really starting to grow. Just look at these little, baby, long pieces in the back.

...we made some s'mores for dessert.

...I did some more practicing with the manual settings on my camera and got the sweetest picture of my little big girl.

...since the season is changing, the girls and I have been catching the sunrise as we leave the house each morning. It's so beautiful, and I can't help but snap a picture each and every time. This one was on our way to school.

...about an hour later, I got a call at work that Gracie had been crying since I left and had a tummy ache. I picked her up, so she could come hang out with me at the office until my mom was free to come pick her up. We grabbed some 7-Up and saltines on the way. At the office, she enjoyed playing with Daddy and Papa Rick, snacking, and watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It didn't appear that she was actually sick.

...that night, we went to Claim Jumper for dinner where Grace slept while Charley colored.

She insisted on wearing her snow boots as per usual.

...Grammy painted Grace's finger and toe nails blue so she could "match the Titans while we watch the Webbos (Rebels)".

...I captured another beautiful sunrise on the way to work (I told you I couldn't resist snapping a photo of God's handy work).

...Grace went to gymnastics and looked cuter than ever. She practiced her hand spring vault, and wasn't afraid at all.

...I had a hair appointment with Grandma Lisa (or Grandma Sunshine as Grace likes to call her - she used to sing You Are My Sunshine to her when she watched her as a baby and has always called her "my little sunshine"). Since we were running a little early, we decided to stop at our favorite Halloween store on Decatur and try on costumes. Grace decided that she wants to be a Dalmatian, which is perfect, because Janie and Jack has THE most adorable Dalmatian line out that I wanted to get her anyway. Charley wasn't too impressed with the pink monster that we picked out for her, but it was so cute.

...after my hair appointment, we went to Grimaldi's to have dinner with Grandma Sunshine and Grandpa Craig. Charley wore her Nebraska onesie just for Grandma and loved eating the grilled chicken from the salad. It was nice to see them and hang out for an evening. I wish we lived closer and could see them more often, but it's not always easy to make it across town. Gracie asks about her Grandma Sunshine and even called her last week just to tell her that she missed her. So sweet!

...Charley begged us to buy miniature marshmallows at the store, and they have since become her most favorite afternoon snack.

...Grace had gymnastics again and practiced her cartwheels and back handsprings.

...Saturday morning, the girls hung out in their towels after bath time. They're the cutest.

...we had breakfast at Panera, and Charley napped in the car in between trips to a few Halloween stores.

...the girls played outside with their besties. They ate popsicles and drove around the neighborhood.

...Charley helped Daddy decorate the house for Halloween and then took a nap in her crib, while I finished our awesome homemade wreath.

...Daddy taught Gracie how to ride her bike. She never could quite get the pedaling down, but now she's a pro.

...Grace brought the girls from next door over to play for a while.

...Kasie and Jeremy came over for dinner, and we made homemade wonton soup. It turned out so delicious.

...the girls played games on their iPad. Now that Charley is getting a little older, she knows how to play some of the games herself. This has been the cause of numerous arguments already. I'm thinking iPad minis for each of them for Christmas! (Are you listening, Santa?)

...the next morning, Charley goofed off and watched movies on the couch while waiting for sister to get up.

...we took a quick ride to Starbucks before the football games started.

...we finally had a Sunday where the Bears and Titans played at different times. Since the Titans played first, we all got ready for kick off in our Titans gear. They beat the Chargers on a last minute TD catch by Justin Hunter. I'm finally starting to believe in my new favorite guy, Jake Locker.

...Charley took a nap after the game, and Gracie played hide-and-go-seek with her stuffed animals.

...the girls took baths and got ready for the Bears game that night. They also won and handed the Steelers a big loss in Pittsburgh - happy family right here!

...after all the excitement of watching our teams both get big wins, the girls passed out early. We're talking both of them asleep by 7:17. Say what?!

See you next week :)

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