Last Week...

...Daddy was working some crazy hours, so Charley took over his side of the bed as soon as he left each morning.

...the girls watched Madagascar 3 together on their iPad.

...Charley fell asleep early, so I snuggled with Grace Face until she fell asleep. She usually won't let me hold her like this, because she's a hot sleeper. When she does, I soak it up for as long as I can.

...they slept stretched out across my bed before I moved them into their own beds for the night.

...Grace was not happy about going to school the next morning. We had a long conversation about it, and she told me that these three, specific boys were picking on her. Apparently, that is why her tummy had been hurting the week before, and it is the reason she did not want to go to school "ever again". As a mother, you want so badly to protect your children. I was ready to walk into school and beat up all of the three-year-olds that were being mean to her. Once I calmed down, I spoke to her teachers and the director instead. They kept a close eye on Grace, and there were no issues all week. She was happy and playing each time I picked her up and even said she had a great day. Still, she cries in the mornings and does not want to go to school. I am making her face this little obstacle by forcing her to continue going to school. (Obviously I wouldn't if I thought there was really something going on.) I figure this will teach her how to overcome adversity and be strong when she starts actual school where there are actual bullies. I want her to be a tough cookie by that time. I'm not really convinced that these boys really even did anything "wrong", but you have to listen to your kids and help them through their issues. After the entire week had passed, we had more conversations with her teachers and decided that her issue was with being dropped off in the morning. She loves her regular classroom that she is in all day, so her regular teacher has been coming earlier to hang with her in the mornings before early pre-school starts. This has helped a little, so we're kind of playing it by ear to see how it goes over the next couple of weeks. Hang in there, baby girl! I'm thinking this is just a normal phase that kids go through, and in another couple of weeks, we'll be on to the next phase.

...we finally found some of the pictures from Grace's very first modeling job where she wore a piggy and ducky Halloween costume. So adorable!!

...Isaac had a meeting across town and surprised me by bringing Farm Basket (my absolute favorite) back to the office for lunch.

...Grace goofed off before gymnastics class. She practiced on the bars but was more concerned with checking herself out in the mirror (like father, like daughter). She also worked on forward rolls on the mats.

...Grammy came to watch Grace at gymnastics, and Grace said she wanted to go stay at Grammy's afterwards. To our surprise, she actually ended up staying the whole night and did just fine. It was kind of weird only having one kiddo at home for a night. Charley missed Grace and kept looking for her around the house. They got to Facetime before bed and were so adorable blowing kisses to each other.

...Char was still confused when we left the house the next morning. They were going to Grammy's that day, but she rode in the car by herself instead of with Grace.
...we saw another beautiful sunrise.
...Star Nursery brought breakfast to work, and it was delicious. They always bring the donuts from Donut Tyme on Charleston (one of THE best donut places in town).
...the girls watched Wreck it Ralph when we got home that afternoon.
...we made the yummiest steak salad for dinner.
...Charley read The Da Vinci Code before bed.
...she slept like a little angel baby snuggling her blanky.
...I got my nails done on Thursday. I had a really bad reaction to the polish this time (stupid allergies), so I'll probably have to take a few weeks off before getting them done again. So bummed!
...we met the Unertls at Grimaldi's for dinner on Friday (Kase and I were just too tired to cook this week) where Grace got to play with some pizza dough.
...Friday was Charley's official cut off from breastfeeding. It was supposed to happen last week, but she had her two-year-old molars coming in and refused to eat any solid foods. She did so well! She was up for about an hour in the middle of the night, but she didn't cry like Gracie did. She just wanted me to hold her and rock her. Whenever she would do the sign for "eat", I would tell her that the milk was all gone. She'd get mad for a second and go back to hugging me quietly. Finally, I got her to take her binky, and she fell back asleep. The next day, she asked for it maybe twice. I explained to her that it was all gone, and she'd go about her business. She hasn't asked since. It was much easier that I had anticipated. She even put herself to sleep the next couple of nights.
...we had breakfast burritos at Fausto's on Saturday morning. Grace swiped my coffee. She loves it and begs for a sip every single morning.
...we headed to check out the Halloween store at Town Square. It's huge and one of our favorites. Before we made it there, we had to make quick stops at Gap, Skechers, Express, and of course, the playground. Charley slept through the whole thing until we hit the slides. While at the park, we ran into the Ditatas. The girls had fun playing before we made our way to the grass to feed the birds some pretzel bites. We still needed to go to the Halloween store, so the girls made a few wishes in the pond, and we headed that way. Isaac grabbed a couple more strobe lights for the yard (see below).
...Charley and I watched the Sooners beat Notre Dame while Daddy and Gracie napped. She was really excited when I started yelling "touchdownnnnn", so I had to show her how to put her hands up in the sky.
...we finished our decorating for Halloween. It's Isaac's favorite holiday, so he always tries to do something crazy with the outside. Charley now says, "RAWR!" every time we walk out the front door.
...we went to the NASCAR truck races where we had to entertain some clients from work. We have an awesome suite there to use throughout the year, so we got to take Kasie and Jeremy with us as well. The girls had fun watching the fast, loud trucks and played on their iPad during the slow laps. One of our superintendents has a daughter that is close in age to Gracie, so they always have a blast running around together.
...Sunday morning, we went for coffee, and this time, Charley hijacked it.
...the girls ate lunch and, like usual, said "cheers" in between every bite.
...they played with stickers under their table while waiting for Noah, Easton, and Jameson to come play.
...I made a huge pot of turkey chili, so The Sebastians came over for dinner and to watch some football. These kids always have the best time together. I love the smiles on each of their faces. They all love each other so much. Charley and Jameson are even good friends now, and she tried to help him eat his bottle. They played basketball and got to go through the hoop themselves a few times.
Next week we are making our annual trip to Staheli Family Farm with the Sebastians! We can't wait!!

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