Last Week...

...Isaac had a slight fever on Monday (101 degrees). Since Grace had one the previous weekend, I figured some sort of bug was going around. He was achy and tired, but there were no other symptoms.
...Charley had her fifteen month wellness check-up (at sixteen months). She got a couple of shots and ate suckers with Grace. The doctor said she's just perfect.
...since she did so well with her shots, we got her favorite dinner: mac and cheese with watermelon from Lucille's. She also got to watch her favorite movie, Brave, while she ate dinner.
...Isaac got a video of Charley working him. When she wants something (in this case, a popsicle), she usually comes to me first. If I don't give it to her, she goes to Daddy. She got him to come to the freezer and tried telling him that she wanted a popsicle. I usually won't just give in when she whines. I'll make her ask for things and say "peeees?" and "thank-goo" before I give in (that is how we got Grace to talk, so I'm doing the same with Charley). Not Daddy. He sees that sweet little face whining and gives the kid whatever it is that her little heart desires. He's already having a tough time telling the girls no. Just wait until they're older and wanting bigger and more expensive things.

...after her popsicle, Charley watched Epic in bed.

...she vacuumed the hallway and snacked on a pouch.
...Poppa and Gran came to watch Gracie do gymnastics. She wasn't really feeling it this week, and complained that she was too tired. I told her that maybe she should go to bed earlier, and she said "no, I just need to sleep longer in the morning". Sorry, kid. Mommy has a job.
...after gymnastics, we went to dinner with Poppa and Gran, and Charley threw up all over me. She had a slight fever that morning, but I didn't really think anything of it. We went home and went to bed early. Char continued to wake up throughout the night throwing up.
...since Char was still sick the next morning, I stayed home with her, and we got to snuggle and spend the whole day together while Grace stayed with Grammy. We don't get much alone time together, so it was nice to have some special quality time with her, even though she wasn't feeling 100%. She watched Brave in her Minnie chair while I cleaned the kitchen and spent lots of time napping. She also got to eat popsicles (her favorite snack), and Kelli brought us some Starbucks and groceries to help Charley feel better and make sure I didn't get sick.
Thanks again, Kelli!
She seemed to be feeling fine as she giggled and played, so we made a quick shopping trip to Target later in the afternoon.
Of course, she threw up all over her car seat on the way home (probably because I let her have an Icee while we shopped...bad idea). Luckily, I had just ordered a new pad cover and buckle for her car seat, because the original ones were getting sticky. Since she didn't throw up in the bowl we had out for emergencies, she used it as a hat instead.
She spent the rest of the afternoon/evening napping and snuggling.
At bed time, she was feeling much better, and giggled with sister before falling asleep and taking up the whole bed.
...Grace has been obsessed with winter wear lately. She wants to wear gloves and boots everywhere. We all know that I am obsessed with shopping. When a new season is approaching, it gives me an excuse to buy a whole new wardrobe for the girls since they obviously cannot fit into clothes from a year ago. I've been buying little pieces here and there and have gotten a pretty good start on winter. Grace gets so happy whenever she gets a new package in the mail and exclaims, "Oh! Thanks so much, mom. I love them!" followed by hugging her new sweater, jeans, boots, etc. She also loves trying them on and begs me to let her wear them "just for five more minutes". I may have created a monster. We're going to have so much fun spending all Daddy's money shopping when she's older.
...Charley continued to sleep off her stomach bug.
...Mommy took a break from sick babies to get her nails done.
Football season starts next week. Yayyy!!!
...we went to Ventano for dinner with my family, and Grace insisted on wearing her new studded boots.
...Charley must've been feeling all better, because she downed a HUGE bowl of mac and cheese like she'd never eaten before.
...when we got home, the girls helped Daddy water the plants in the back yard and discovered a baby tree growing in our turf. It must've come from our trees, because it's the same species. Grace was so excited to have a baby tree, and she kept it safe from a curious Charley.
...Friday night, I came down with the stomach bug. It was miserable. We spent the entire night and all day Saturday laying on the couch resting and napping. Luckily, it was the official kick off to college football, so we probably would've been inside all day anyways. The girls were so good napping and watching movies to let me rest. Daddy helped keep them entertained when they got a little restless.
...Sunday we had dinner plans with the Sebastians, but surprise, Grace started throwing up half an hour before they came over. Luckily, she only threw up twice and was over it in about a half hour. It started raining, so we went outside to play in the rain, and Charley had a blast. Grace was a little more reserved, maybe because she wasn't feeling very well, but Charley got soaked and had a blast splashing in all the water. When it stopped pouring, she kept looking at us and asking "ehh go??" It was so adorable.
Charley decided to show us her belly mid-rain storm.
Grace straightened out Charley's pony tail that looked a little like Free Willy once she was soaking wet.
...that night, while Charley and I watched movies in bed, Grace and Daddy found the camera on the iPad and took a few hundred photos of themselves. I love how happy Gracie looks watching her Daddy make silly faces on the screen. Melts my heart.
...Charley came out into the living room, and they even got her in on the action. She was more interested in her lantern and fort, though.
We had the following Monday off for Labor Day. Thank goodness, too, because after being sick, we needed an extra day to rest.
See ya next week!

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