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Pumpkin Patchin'

Since the girls ask to go pumpkin patchin' every morning when they wake up for school, we decided to go one last time before the season ended. The day before Halloween, they got dressed up in their cutest Halloween attire for school and counted down the hours until it was time to go. When we arrived, I made them take a quick picture, so they could spend the rest of the time having fun. I ended up with a few adorable shots of my sweet girls in the pumpkin bins. First up was the ginormous slide. They loved going down it and did so over and over again. We had to bribe them to move on to something else. On the way to the second big slide with a blow up obstacle course, Grace wanted to take a picture with the silly pumpkins and the farm stands. This girl loves to have her picture taken. Charley isn't as into pictures and raced ahead to the slide going through the obstacle course twice before we made it over there. This gi

Last Week...

...the girls played out front with their neighbor friends after school where Grace practiced hula hooping and Char played frisbee with Daddy. Grace made me laugh when the hula hoop hit her face, and she got so mad and stomped on it...I guess she has my temper. ...the girls were supposed to be watching a movie before bed, but instead, Char watched her iPad while Grace did Charley's hair. This happens often, as Gracie loves to spray and style sister's hair. A few minutes later, Charley turned on the light, and they continued watching Hocus Pocus . Apparently they weren' ready for bed just yet. ...Charley looked like an adorable bowl full of trouble before school on Wednesday. ...the girls had dance class and were as cute as ever. Papa Craig and Grandma Sunshine came to watch, so of course, Grace had a bad day and didn't feel like participating the second half of class. She calls it "being in a bad attitude".