Farm Animals at {McKee Ranch}

Last week, we met our friends, the Luks, at McKee Ranch in Las Vegas. Although it was dirty, and the chickens freaked the kids out, they had such a fun time exploring the ranch.

When we arrived, about fifty chickens greeted us at the entrance. We brought a box of Ritz crackers and went through the entire thing in less than five minutes. Grace loved it, while Char pretty much hid behind Daddy the whole time.

We also fed this billy goat that followed Grace around. She stood back to take a picture because he kept head butting her in the stomach, which she found hilarious and a little frightening.

Charley wasn't too fond of that guy either. She liked to watch Grace with the animals, but she wasn't letting go of Daddy's hand for anything.

We played on the slide for a bit while we waited for the Luks to arrive. That seemed to cheer Charley up a little bit. She kept waving and saying, "Hi, chickens!".

Since we also brought along some carrots, Daddy took the girls over the check out the donkey. They watched him feed it, and after feeding a bunny some carrots, they decided to be brave and feed the donkey. Grace actually gave it to him, while Char just threw it and pointed to show him where to find it.

We found a little pony, but he wasn't saddled up yet for rides. Charley said there was no way she was getting on him and settled for the wooden pony instead.

The girls were so cute watching him walk around. Grace couldn't wait to hop on.

When Char saw the Woody and Jessie, she just had to get a picture with Daddy. Later, she was mad that I didn't include Bullseye in the picture. ("Where's Bullseye?" as she swiped across the computer screen to try to get him to show up. Oops! I know, I'm a horrible mom.)

Charley finally got brave enough to feed a goat, but only because she saw Hudson doing it first. He was a little picky and only wanted the baby carrots.

Around the corner, we found a giant horse and some pigs. The girls stood on the bench to watch the pigs run around and chomp on some food.

They had an old merry-go-round that they loved riding around on.

Grace wanted to push the wheel barrow around, but it was too heavy, so she settled for a picture in it instead...but only if she could pose however she wanted.

(Is she surfing??)

Charley rode the horse swing before we headed back to the slides. 

The chickens were all hanging out at the bottom of the slide and really had Scarlett and Charley freaked out. It was too funny to see our little city girls terrified of dirt and chickens.

We were going to go get dinner together, but Grace insisted on riding that pony that we saw earlier, so we all headed back that way. She had so much fun and loved riding him around and around.

Once Charley saw Grace enjoying it, she decided that she wanted a turn. Then a little dog ran up, and she wanted down to chase it around with the other kids.

We saw the bunny hanging out by some hay, so Char tried sneaking up on it, and we got a quick family picture.

They had a bull and lasso that the kids had a blast throwing around and playing tug-of-war with.

We had to get a cute pic of the kids before we left, and you know it takes 100 tries to get a good one. Jessica got the girls to look right away, and her kids were even easier. She must know some super secret mom trick that I haven't found out just yet.

Finally, we were ready to leave, so we let the kiddos pick out their pumpkins.

On the way out, they spotted some old cars that didn't work and insisted on playing in them. We had to bribe them to get them to leave, since we were all starving.

We had fun playing with all of the animals on the ranch and getting a little dirty, but then again, we always seem to have fun with the Luks family. Thanks for joining us, guys! I'm sure we'll be hitting up some more pumpkin patches before the season is over.

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