Last Week...

...Isaac and I went to the Halloween store on the hunt for our costumes where we decided (finallllly) on Kahl Drogo and Khaleesi. So excited!!

...the girls played doctor and took all of Daddy's vitals.

...the snuggled Toodles.

...Tuesday afternoon, we went to McKee Ranch with the Luks. We had so much fun and met them at The Boulevard afterwards for dinner.

...I found the cutest outfits for the girls to wear to Disneyland, and Char's finally came in. She got this adorable mermaid themed dress with a chunky bubblegum Ariel necklace (that should arrive today), and I got Gracie the same dress in white that says "Let It Go" in light blue sparkles. To top it off, I found the cutest light blue Olaf leggings to go with it and, of course, a chunky bubblegum Frozen necklace. I'm dyinggggg for them to wear these. (Only 48 days to go!) Instagram is my kryptonite. 

...the girls finally started dance classes after months of them begging and me searching. They had the most fun ever and looked absolutely adorable doing so.

(Grace loved watching sister's class before hers started and couldn't wait for her turn!)

(Look at this one checking herself out in the mirror...DI.VA. She did this practically the entire time.)

...Char munched on crackers while she waited for sister.

...we watched Sleeping Beauty, and Charley lined all of her princesses up and tucked them in for bed time.

...we watched JJ and Easton while Noah went to football practice and had a blast bowling and playing in the back yard.

...Daddy had to go in to work Saturday, so he came home with hot cocoa and coffee for us.

...we spent the day at the mall. I told Grace she couldn't get this fox, and she said, "Mom, take a picture of this, and text it to Santa!" Daddy let them pick out some stuff at the Disney store, and Char had to get a big Aurora. She's her new favorite, so we're counting down the days until Maleficent comes out. They loved it in the theaters, and it's more entertaining than the original Sleeping Beauty that was just released from the Disney Vault. I didn't really think the girls would like it, but it's a princess, so of course they do.

...we ate lunch in the food court, and the girls played with Daddy while we waited for our food.

...Charley was the happiest shopper ever. I have no idea where she gets it, but I imagine that sometimes I come skipping down the mall corridor when I buy something I really like, too.

...we went to Noah's football game where the kids had a blast playing together, sharing Lunchables, and learning how to do push-ups. It may have been the cutest thing ever, and Noah even scored a touchdown! It was hilarious when he saw us and started waving to Grace with the biggest smile on his face. Then he got yelled at by his coach. It kind of reminded me of Isaac and I back in the day. Cuties!

...the girls stayed at Grandpa and Grandma Espejo's that night, so Isaac and I went out with our friends. We had a blast with everyone and stayed out way past bed time.

...this happened...which made me the happiest girl on Sunday! It's a rarity that all three of them win in one weekend. I believe this is only the second time in the history of ever.

...we spent Sunday afternoon at the park to celebrate Presley's second birthday. The girls had so much fun, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect.

Happy Second Birthday, Presley!! We love you!

See ya next week <3

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