Last Week...

...the girls played out front with their neighbor friends after school where Grace practiced hula hooping and Char played frisbee with Daddy. Grace made me laugh when the hula hoop hit her face, and she got so mad and stomped on it...I guess she has my temper.

...the girls were supposed to be watching a movie before bed, but instead, Char watched her iPad while Grace did Charley's hair. This happens often, as Gracie loves to spray and style sister's hair. A few minutes later, Charley turned on the light, and they continued watching Hocus Pocus. Apparently they weren' ready for bed just yet.

...Charley looked like an adorable bowl full of trouble before school on Wednesday.

...the girls had dance class and were as cute as ever. Papa Craig and Grandma Sunshine came to watch, so of course, Grace had a bad day and didn't feel like participating the second half of class. She calls it "being in a bad attitude".

...Charley and I snuggled in bed and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas.

...the girls shared chocolate milk while Isaac and I got dinner ready.

...we FaceTimed with Auntie Andrea and made silly faces.

...the girls insisted on sleeping with their brood of princesses, but especially needed Elsa and Anna.

...we went to the PBR on Friday since we got a suite at the Thomas and Mack Center for the year at work. The girls got all dressed up and looked super adorable. We all had so much fun, and Charley loved every second of the bulls going crazy. She decided that she wouldn't want to ride them, because, "I no fall off of dem".

...the girls dressed up in their Nebraska gear since the Huskers had an early game Saturday, and we sent Papa Taylor a text to tell him we loved him.

...they played with Daddy all morning before we left to run errands.

...we stopped by Target for some last minute costume items and the girls played on the big red ball out front.

...back at home, Charley tried on my Khaleesi wig and her Anna wig for Halloween. She was so funny walking around in them.

...our sweet next door neighbor brought us some delicious Halloween cupcakes. Thanks, Susie!!

...we got all dressed up for a Halloween baby shower at the Medrano's. Charley was Ariel, and Grace was Tinkerbell (obviously). Isaac and I won best costume in our awesome wigs, and we all had fun drinking margaritas, catching up with old friends/neighbors, and watching all of the princesses play together. Charley loves babies and loved to help Camden around the back yard, while Grace taught all of the girls what she learned in her dance class.

...Sunday, I went to see Wicked at the Smith Center with my mom and sisters. We had a lot of fun, and the show was even better than I remember it from last time. Thanks for taking us, mom!

See you next week :)

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