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Last Week...

...Perry hung out in the backyard, while her big sisters jumped on the trampoline. Then she followed me around, stuffing her face with Cheez-Its, while I collected laundry to wash. ...she snacked on peaches and used the fork by herself for the first time. ...she was so silly in the bathtub that night playing peekaboo. ...after her bath, she spotted her new sunglasses on the nightstand and kept pointing at them. This girl loves her shoes and accessories.  ...she has the sweetest giggles and is so ticklish. ...she passed out as I rocked her and then slept in her DockATot. I don't think I'll ever stop taking pictures of her sleeping, because it's the sweetest thing. ...we got to school a few minutes early, so the girls unbuckled Perry and played in the back seat while we waited. ...Perry wore her J&J tee as pajamas, because they're so comfy. We played in the living room before bed time, and s