Last Week...

...Perry hung out in the backyard, while her big sisters jumped on the trampoline. Then she followed me around, stuffing her face with Cheez-Its, while I collected laundry to wash.

...she snacked on peaches and used the fork by herself for the first time.

...she was so silly in the bathtub that night playing peekaboo.

...after her bath, she spotted her new sunglasses on the nightstand and kept pointing at them. This girl loves her shoes and accessories. 

...she has the sweetest giggles and is so ticklish.

...she passed out as I rocked her and then slept in her DockATot. I don't think I'll ever stop taking pictures of her sleeping, because it's the sweetest thing.

...we got to school a few minutes early, so the girls unbuckled Perry and played in the back seat while we waited.

...Perry wore her J&J tee as pajamas, because they're so comfy. We played in the living room before bed time, and she was so sweet with her baby.

...Charley surprised her at bath time, and her reaction was so sweet. She's got so much love for her big sisters.

...she slept sweetly at bed time again. It's so hard for me to lay her down after I rock her to sleep, but she goes to bed so early that it would be crazy for me not to spend that time doing chores around the house while it's quiet. I just love this little nugget so much!

...we met the Gerfy's for dinner at Olive Garden, and girlfriend got down on some breadsticks with alfredo sauce - the only way to eat them.

...after dinner, the girls played at the splash pad, and Perry was so funny keeping her sunglasses on the whole time. It's starting to get hot, and the girls loved splashing in the water, climbing the rock wall, and swinging the evening away.

...Perry and Amelia were so funny running around in the water. I love that they get to grow up being besties like Frannie and me.

...we went to Beckham's doughnut birthday party, and the girls had a blast playing with their friends.

...this was about two seconds before Perry gagged on her doughnut and threw up. At least she looked cute for a hot minute.

...luckily, Acelyn let Perry borrow her backup outfit, and she was back on the move.

...Perry and Acelyn are two days apart and are destined to be besties. We live right up the street from them, so they'll go to the same school and will obviously be in the same grade. They were so cute playing with each other all morning., seriously. How freaking cute are these two?!

...they even took turns pushing each other around the house. I'm so glad that I've reconnected with Jessica and Jennifer, because these mamas are so much fun. Our kiddos get along great, and we have a blast hanging out, too. Plus our hubbies are all friends, so that makes it easy to schedule play dates with no complaints from the guys. Love you girls (and your littles) so much!

...Perry was super sleepy when we got home, so Daddy put her down for a nap, while I took my big girls to the salon for mani/pedis. They're getting so big, and it's so fun to do special things like this with them.

...we spent the evening hanging out at home watching the girls dance around the living room. Everyone's current favorite song is Despacito, and even Perry claims it as her jam.

...Sunday morning, we had a pool cabana booked at the Westin at Lake Las Vegas. It's one of our favorite summer spots, and Auntie Elisha works there, so she always hooks us up with a shady spot to hang when we're needing a break from the sun. (Thanks, Auntie!) The girls got all ready that morning, and it was off to the pool.

...we drove a couple of jobs that we are working on in that area, and while Daddy "worked" for a bit, we played with Snapchat. These pictures had us all cracking up. was finally pool time, and the girls enjoyed a snack at the cabana while we waited for our friends.

...who are these big girls? They were so funny with their silly conversations. I seriously can't believe these are my babies.

...Perry was all about the strawberries and had us laughing at her "cheese" faces.

...we finally made it in the pool, and everyone was happy to be cooling off.

...we headed down to the smaller pool, so the kids could play on the slide. They went down a million times, and had so much fun playing with each other.

...we hit up the baby pool for a few minutes to let the little ones roam free, and it was complete chaos - but the very best kind.

...Scarlett and Grace ate their lunch and lounged on the chairs together like the teenagers they think they are.

...Uncle Chris fed Perry some grilled cheese, and she got her first taste of ranch.

...she got so sleepy in the pool and almost crashed in her floaty.

...after Perr slept in my arms for a while, she woke up happy and ready to play again.

...Shelly brought Easton and JJ to play, and my girls were so happy to have their besties join in on the fun.

...Perr looked so cute in her high-waisted bikini bottoms.

...after a long, hot day in the sun, baby girl passed out, and I held her for the rest of the night, while Grace and Char laid in my bed watching the movie of their choice, Hocus Pocus.

We had a super fun week with lots of play dates! Those are the best kind of weeks.

See ya next time :)

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