A Little Pipsqueak {Perry is ONE!}

The baby is ONE!

I can't believe it's been a whole year since Perr Bear was born. I prayed longer and harder for this baby than anything else in my life. Mainly because she took fourteen plus months to decide to join our family. We wanted another baby so badly, and we could not have picked a more perfect fit to our crazy bunch.

Perry is the sweetest little girl. She loves to lay her head on your shoulder, gives endless kisses, and has THE BEST cheese face you'll ever see. Perry recently got two of her top molars and is working on the bottom two. You can feel them and her gums are swollen. That puts baby at ten teeth.

Baby girl is getting smarter by the day and can tell us what she wants or needs with ease. She loves to sign "more" when she wants me to nurse her and will walk up to her high chair and sign "more" when she's hungry for a snack. She can also sign "all done" to let us know when she wants out of the high chair. She is starting to say small words more and more, as well. She currently says dada, mama, Char Char, Jee-see (for Gracie), Joosh (for shoes), Tat (for Kitty Cat), Moh (for more), cheese (for smiles), huh, and all kinds of other gibberish. She has recently started to color with her big sisters and rarely tries to eat the crayons anymore. She also loves to put her head and hands on the ground and stick her tush up in the air like she's doing a somersault. We might need to get her in baby gymnastics. Dancing is another favorite, and as soon as she hears music, she'll bounce up and down, clasp her hands, and swing her body from side to side. Dance parties are a regular thing at our house and all three of our girls absolutely love it.

Perry still loves her tacos, but she also loves egg burritos, chicken nuggets, Nilla wafers, graham crackers, Honey Nut Cheerios, cheese, peaches, pineapple, and pizza. She always wants a sippy cup of water or juice nearby, and carries her cup all around the house with her. She has become partial to her binky and sometimes won't even take it when she's falling asleep at night or going down for a nap. It's really hit or miss these days.

This big girl is sleeping from six to six on a normal night when we're able to stick to our routine. She usually gets fussy and wants her bath around six and loves to play in the tub. Once I get her out, lotioned up, into her jammies, and swaddled, I nurse her until she falls asleep. I put her in the smaller DockATot that sits in her pack 'n play where she sleeps until I'm ready for bed. I usually feed her and put her in the bigger DockATot in our bed when I'm ready to go to sleep. She'll wake up every three hours or so to nurse and goes right back to sleep until six, which is when she usually wakes for the day.

Perr is currently in size 6-12 month clothes, size three shoes, and size four diapers. She is weighing in at 18 pounds, 2 ounces and stands 28.5 inches tall. If you've been keeping track, you're right. She's hardly gained anything since she was nine months old. The doctor isn't too concerned and just said we'd check her weight in a few weeks to see if she starts gaining. Her current stats put her at five-and-a-half pounds less than Grace and three pounds less than Charley at twelve months old but only half an inch shorter than them both. She's definitely a little pipsqueak.

She is still loving Trolls and The Book of Life and absolutely loves to read books. She pretends to read to us as she points to the words. When I pick her up from school every day, the teacher hands me a sheet saying how she slept, what she ate, etc. Perry always takes it and points to each section as she tells me in her best gibberish what she did that day. She always has a blanky in hand and drags it around like Linus. If you take her into the closet to pick a clean one out of her neatly folded, sky high stack of bamboo muslin swaddle blankets, she'll squeal with delight as she buries her face into the softness. She loves to clap and always does so while she cheers on Grace and Char at their soccer games. She also waves hello, goodbye, and blows kisses.

She has recently moved up to the toddler class at school and is doing really well in there with the bigger kids. We've moved her two bottles into sippy cups, and she's drinking a couple ounces of breastmilk in the morning and about four more at lunch time. She nurses when we get home each afternoon and after her bath each night. Other than her little snacks in the middle of the night, she's pretty much surviving on real food now. This is exactly where Charley was at this point with nursing, so we're right on track.

We have terrible cell service at our house, so Isaac and I FaceTime a lot when we talk on the phone. Perry will find my phone and bring it to me saying "dada" until I call him. She grins from ear to ear when he appears on the phone and waves while saying "hiii". Then she hugs the phone and won't let me take it back. This girl is a bonafide Daddy's girl. She will go to him over anyone unless she's ready to fall sleep, and then she wants Mama. Her loves for him is the sweetest, and she just lights up whenever she catches his eye.

 She wakes up with crazy bed head and sleepy smiles every morning while she tries to keep her eyes open, and those first grins get me every time. It's hard not to scoop her up and cover her in kisses at all times. While I'm sad that Perry is growing up, it's so much fun to watch her learn. She still loves to play with her sisters and follows them everywhere. She'll walk up to her swing in the back yard and point to it to let you know she wants you to put her in it, and she loves to let Grace and Char bounce her on the trampoline. She's always a mess, because she loves to mush her food up all over as she eats.

We love this little bear more than words can say and are so blessed to be able to spend each day with her sweet little self.

(Grace - Charley - Perry)

Happy First Birthday, Baby Bear!

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