It Lived Up to the Hype {Disneyland: Day Three}

We spent Wednesday morning finishing up our Disneyland vacation before heading home that afternoon. There was a new breakfast spot that we had yet to try called PCH Grill, so we decided to check that place out. The girls were so excited when Mickey greeted them, especially because they were dressed in their best Mickey colors.

Perry wasn't a huge fan, and Mickey hid in the corner when she started crying.

After getting an autograph and posing for pictures, we sat at our table, and Daisy came right over. 

Minnie was next, and the girls loved her lifeguard outfit.

Charley was so excited to see Stitch. She had a few months last year where all she would watch was Lilo and Stitch, so it was a fun surprise when he walked up to our table.

Minnie came back, and we tried to get a picture with Perry. She was terrified and wanted nothing to do with her, despite loving her the day before.

As we were finishing up our breakfast, Stitch announced that he was having a little dance party. The girls ran over to him, and the smiles on their faces say it all. They had a blast dancing and jumping all over the place with him.

We got back to our table just in time for them to sing Happy Birthday to Charley, and Stitch even joined in on the fun.

Breakfast was a blast, and the girls talked about it all day long. On the way out, we came across this parrot, and they had to stop and check him out. He said "hi" and laughed with them.

All Grace talked about leading up to our vacation was how badly she wanted to go on Matterhorn Mountain. We missed it the first two days, because the wait was over two hours long! Daddy and her ran to it as soon as the park opened, so Char, Perry, and I walked around and made our way towards the castle.

We got in line for the Jungle Cruise and were on the boat within minutes.

Charley and Perry loved looking at all of the animals and riding in the boat. They were so cute with each other.

After the ride, we got a quick drink and then got in line to meet Tinkerbell.

Daddy and Grace got there just in time, and Grace told us how fun Matterhorn was. I guess it lived up to the hype. I was so happy she got to ride it, because that's the only thing she really wanted to do. The girls played on the flowers, while we waited for our turn with Tinkerbell.

Perry loved her. Finally! She talked to them for quite a while and asked them if they wanted to fly around the park with her for a bit.

Perry even smiled for the picture when we told them to say "cheese". It was the cutest.

We stopped for some Dole Whip and walked around some shops. This whole trip, we got the girls pins to put on their Disney lanyards instead of buying toys at every stop. They had so much fun picking them out with Daddy, and now they will be able to wear them every year when we go. (I still have one from when I was younger that is covered in pins.) They also got their fortunes read and rubbed the magic genie lamp.

While Grace and Char ran around in Tarzan's Treehouse, Perry and I hung out watching the ducks.

We love coming over here, because it's so beautiful, and all the stairs really wear the kiddos out. Despite all the work to run to the top, the girls wanted to go through a second time. We met them at the bottom.

Our last stop was the toy store on Main Street. We didn't let the girls get any stuffed animals or toys the whole time we were in Disneyland. Usually we buy a million, and then I end up donating them a few months later. We made them wait until the last day to pick out one toy each. Of course, they all wanted stuffed animals. We also got them each a sucker, and Perry didn't want to wait for hers.

While she was snacking, Daisy Duck walked right up and tapped Charley on the shoulder. She interacted with the girls for a few minutes, before it was time to say good-bye.

As usual, our Disneyland trip was so magical. We had so much fun dancing, going on rides, and making memories with our babes. Looking back through the pictures makes me want to go back already. It's always a good time, and nothing beats the smiles on the girls' faces when they're in their happy place.

See ya real soon, Disneyland!

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