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Last Week...

...I had a nail appointment Monday morning, so Isaac and I took Perr Bear to play at the park. It was windy and cold, and she wasn't impressed.

...Grace and Charley were off school for President's Day, so they had a sleepover with Papa Craig and Grandma Sunshine. They had a blast at their house, as usual.

...after my appointment, we headed to The District to walk around and grab lunch. We finally tried Me Gusta Tacos, and it was love at first bite. We are probably going to get their taco cart for Perry's first birthday fiesta. She was crazy about their black beans and couldn't get enough.

...meanwhile, the girls were exploring the Las Vegas Natural History Museum with Papa and Grandma. They loved seeing all of the different exhibits, but the caveman really freaked Grace out. She kept asking me questions about them when she got home. Charley told me they had a "real giraffe". I asked her if she got to pet it, and she said, "no, you just push a button and…

Last Week...

...Charley had her first soccer practice of the spring season. She looked so cute, and I couldn't believe how much her ball control has grown since last year. This girl has some natural talent. She's so athletic.

...while she killed it on the field, Perry and I froze our tushies off on the sidelines.

...afterwards, the girls worked on their Valentine's and got them all ready to take to school the next day. I can't believe that they can both write their own names and do these things on their own. They are both getting so big, so fast. Grace finished hers quickly, since she only has sixteen kids in her class, so she helped Charley out.

...we got home way past Perry's bed time. I nursed her, and she just flipped over and passed out when she was done.

...the girls' Valentines were delivered to all of their cousins, grandparents, and best friends just in time for Valentine's Day. We got to them a little last minute, but they still turned out so cute.

...when I …