Even Cuter {Nine Months}

My littlest babe is now nine months old. We're on the downhill slide to her first birthday, folks.

We are all having so much fun watching her learn and grow. Especially her big sisters. They love her so much and play with her every chance they get.

Perry is the sweetest little angel 99% of the time. She has started to show signs of a drama queen in the making, though. Every once in a while, when you do something that she doesn't want to do (like sit on the floor), she'll throw her head back and let out this crazy yell. The good news is, she is over it quickly and will go on crawling around and playing with her toys. It's hard not to laugh at her, although we know better than to reinforce it, so we tell her to knock it off, and she moves on.

Other than that, the kid can do no wrong. She's funny and loves to laugh and squeal and giggle. She's a snuggler and loves to sleep next to Mommy during her naps. She's a lover and loves to give kisses to her family. She's outgoing and loves to wave "hi" at everyone she passes. It's pretty easy to see that she's got all of us wrapped around her little finger, and she knows it. Perry loves to play with anything her sisters are using, and we're constantly checking the floor for small things that she shouldn't have. Everything goes right into her mouth lately.

At nine months, Perry is 27.5 inches long and 18 pounds. Her height, weight, and head circumference all fall in the fiftieth percentile, making her the perfect baby. (Charley also fell in these percentiles at nine months, but she was half a pound heavier. Grace was four-and-a-half pounds heavier.) All three of our girls have been 27.5 inches long at nine months old. I thought that was pretty wild. She can say "dada" and knows exactly who her daddy is. When he comes in from work, she crawls towards him with the biggest smile. She also says "mama" but mostly only when she needs to eat or go to sleep. Dad is the favorite around here.

Perry is wearing 6-12 month clothes, and I've already started in on the 12-18 month sizes for summer time. She can officially shop in the toddler section now. She's still in size four diapers and will be for quite a while. Perr pretty much just wears moccasins every day, so we go buy those sizes for her shoe size. She can squeeze into her 1's, the 2's are where it's at, and the 3's are still a little big. She's already got an awesome stash of them for spring and summer.

Baby girl has stopped eating pureed baby food and prefers to feed herself. She eats almost anything including BBQ chicken, mac and cheese, bananas, Cheerios, bean and cheese burritos, peaches, pineapple, cheese, avocado, taco meat, and bread. Her current favorite food is taco meat with avocados. This girl loves taco night, which is weird, because I ate a lot of taco meat and avocados with eggs and hot sauce during my pregnancy. 

She still nurses, but it's not on schedule as much as it used to be. When I'm with her all day, she'll eat every three to four hours, and snack on table food in between. When she's at school, I nurse her in the morning, she eats a six ounce bottle around noon, and then I nurse her again in the afternoon when I pick her up. She eats whatever food the school is serving for breakfast and lunch and LOVES to snack on Nilla Wafers while she's there. She's also started venturing into apple juice in her sippy cup, but she seems to prefer water.

Perry is super ticklish everywhere. You're guaranteed to get a giggle from her if you squish her thighs, tickle her feet or sides, or kiss her neck rolls. Believe it or not, she has more hair than Gracie did at this age. Perr has a sweet little pony tail that she rocks with a bow that makes her look even cuter, as if that were possible. She also finally broke that top tooth through this past week and the second one is on its way down. Luckily, she hasn't been a terrible teether other than a week or two last month. 

Perr Bear is sleeping about the same as always. She wants a bath at six o'clock and then nurses and falls asleep quickly. I've been putting her in the DockATot in her pack 'n play, but she would just wake right up. The past few nights, she's slept in there for two to three hours, so I'm hoping that's a trend. It got a little rough there having to stay in bed after six to make sure she didn't roll off. I mean, I did get caught up on my shows and we're getting there on the blog, but now I can fold laundry or do dishes after she falls asleep. She typically wakes up 2-3 times per night to nurse and then goes right back to sleep. I used to keep track, but now that's she's bigger, I barely wake up. She's up for good around six when Charley comes in to wake us all up.

We are all over the place lately as Perry learns to walk around the furniture and go back and forth from the couch to the ottoman. She also loves her walker toys and pushes them all around the living room when she isn't crawling all over the place. She can stand on her own for a few seconds and is pretty good and sitting down without falling. Baby is so curious about the world around her and loves to explore.

We're so in love with our little bear, and watching her do new things is easily our favorite past time.

Happy Nine Months, Perr Bear!

(Grace - Charley - Perry)

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