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Never Grow Up

Charley Anne Espejo My beautiful, smart, silly, sweet, snuggly, lovable baby girl is now One.Year.Old. It doesn't seem possible. It felt like she stayed a baby forever and then, once she hit five months, she grew taller, faster, stronger, started crawling then walking, laughing then singing, babbling, and trying to talk. She turned into a toddler all of the sudden. My absolute favorite thing that this sweet girl does is run over to me with this huge goofy grin and throw her whole body into my arms, lay her head on my shoulder, wrap her arms around me, and look up into my eyes with the sweetest smile I've ever seen. She does this quite often, and I hope she'll never stop. Charley is not as independent as Grace was at this age. She'll play on her own and even "read" books to herself, but she still needs her Mommy to hold her, hug her, and kiss her frequently. She now runs all over the house chasing her sister from room to

Last Week...

...Charley's little canines were still working their way up through her gums. I had left some Red Vines out on the counter over night, so they were a little harder than usual. Let me just say that this is the best.teether.ever . They taste great and Charley loved chewing on it. They are a little messy, though:         ...Grace and I made a countdown to Disneyland. I cut out a Minnie Mouse head, and Grace helped make links for the amount of days we have left. We glued it all together, and she gets to rip one link off the bottom each morning. For some reason, she thinks they're tickets. If I forget one morning, she'll tell me "I forgot my ticket today!" Such a fun way to get her excited for the trip:       ...we kept up with our healthy eating habits and made salmon, asparagus, and garlic potatoes one night. Usually, Grace doesn't eat much dinner. She'll take a few bites and be "all done". This meal went down without a